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by | Oct 15, 2020

Women of The City magazine’s fourth issue is titled the EntreprenHer Issue, which is dedicated to the WOTC community and every entrepreneur who has created an opportunity for women.

Women of the City (WOTC) provides its readership with “Unprecedented access to female CEOs, founders, philanthropists, momagers, entrepreneurs and women in a place of power and influence”.

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Of the eleven features within the EntreprenHer issue, six of the cover stars are from the beauty industry.


Jo Malone CBE 

Jo Malone CBE launched the namesake brand at the age of 21. When speaking with WOTC Malone discusses starting again, giving back and regret.


“For me, the second time, the building of it, was harder work, because no one realised I’d left the brand, so there was a whole heap of stuff that needed to be done, that I presumed everybody knew, and everybody didn’t, so that was tough. Not having a distribution, not having a shop. It was all very, very different things. But the one that I loved more than anything, which I still love, is the creating of fragrance and the minute I started, within about a year of getting back into it, I found my pace and I started to realise that I was creating differently; I was creating with this very, very different head, and I was braver and stronger and my character was really coming through.”


Ruby Hammer MBE

Ruby Hammer MBE is a renowned makeup artist, founder of namesake brand Ruby Hammer, and sits on the British Beauty Council Advisory Board. Hammer spoke with WOTC about remaining consistent, establishing herself in the industry and picking her core group of people.


“It is mind boggling. I don’t know. I can’t say. There are so many mixed messages coming out. This industry is scary for us now. We have to be realists. I genuinely don’t know how we will navigate the next 5 years. I think we need to get through the next 6 months first. How is our industry going to stand up and we need to fight for it because at the moment, the hairdressing industry which is not separate for us – but at the moment are looking at us and not taking us seriously. I’m not saying we are rocket scientists or doing brain surgery but look, our industry counts for something. Allow us to take that pride and dignity. It brings money. I don’t know how to navigate the next 5 years, but I would love it to be more inclusive.” – Ruby Hammer MBE when asked What does the beauty industry look like to you?


Samantha and Nicola Chapman

You may know Sam and Nic Chapman better as Pixiwoo, they are also the founders of infamous makeup brush brand Real Techniques. They spoke with WOTC about their journey to success, being beauty pioneers and the future of the industry.


“You know what? It was a happy accident when that happened. We were in the right place at the right time with social media at the very, very beginning. So, when the brand – its owned by a parent company – decided to make Real Techniques, they were looking around for people on social media that had credibility in the makeup world, as well as a social following.” Samantha Chapman on how Real Techniques was built.


Maria Hatzistefanis

Maria Hatzistefanis has written about fashion and beauty for Seventeen magazine, as well as owning the million dollar beauty business Nip+Fab. WOTC spoke with Hatzistefanis about leadership, being bold and the beauty industry.


“You can start and grow your business, but it takes time, challenges and a lot of disappointment along the way.”


Irene Forte

Irene Forte is the Wellness Director at Rocco Forte Hotels, as well as being the founder of namesake brand Irene Forte Skincare. WOTC spoke with the heiress about the family business, global leadership and the books she likes to read.


“I like to learn and move so I guess the family business has been a great starting point, but it also made it a tougher decision for me by taking on this role of launching my own skincare company. It also means I had to take a little step back from the family business as I can’t dedicate 100% of my time to the family business and I also felt like I was letting go of something that I’m still really passionate about. I adore the hotels and all the people I work with – it’s a catch 22.”


To read the full EntreprenHer Issue, click here.






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