Labour to form next UK Government, here’s what happens next

by | Jul 5, 2024

Overnight, the Labour Party won the general election. Sir Keir Starmer will now be appointed Prime Minister 

In a ‘landslide majority’, the Labour Party won 2024’s General Election and are now entering the walls of Whitehall and No 10. 

The transition happens much quicker than you would expect – Starmer will have already visited the King to be formally appointed and he is set to make his first address as leader by lunchtime. 

The King’s Speech is then scheduled to take place on 17 July 2024, shortly before parliament stops for the summer. This provides the government with an opportunity to outline its priorities for the months ahead. 

It’s thought that the Employment Rights Bill will be listed as Labour’s main focus for their first few weeks in office.

But – how quickly will Labour be able to implement more of their wider manifesto objectives? 

Well, Labour has committed to introduce legislation for its New Deal for Working People within the first 100 days of being in Government. They have also given the Council assurances of their intention to engage on skills and vocational education, the apprenticeship levy and reviewing business rates policy.

That’s why the British Beauty Council is continuing to present the hair, beauty and wellness industries’ key policy objectives to government. These also focus on tax reform, green incentives, simplification of trade and more, which you can read about here

On the General Election result, Victoria Brownlie MBE, Chief Policy and Sustainability Officer, says: ‘As leaders in legislative change, The British Beauty Council is looking forward to collaborating with policy makers, civil servants and industry representatives to support growth, influence and resilience of all sectors.

‘As the organisation enters its next phase, with a new roadmap imminent, we are committed to working with the Government to secure policy change that is in the best interests of businesses within our dynamic industry and those who work within it.’ 

If you want to stay up to date on the laws, bills and legislation affecting the beauty industry, keep your eyes on our channels for the legislative updates that affect beauty in the months to come. 

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