The beauty industry must play its part in bringing about bold, urgent change. We must move forward with courage. We must move forward together, from the smallest independent, to the largest corporate brand. This is imperative if the industry is to step up when the beautiful, bountiful planet we depend on needs us.

The courage to change: a landmark sustainability report

The British Beauty Council commissioned this sustainability report, with a focus on the environment, to set the beauty industry on the right path. The report sets out a vision of how we can move forward together to create an industry that nurtures the planet that we love and all that live on it. 

The beauty industry has at its heart the belief that true beauty is intrinsic to each one of us and to the world we live in – our job is to ensure that this beauty can shine. We must work together to make this change, with the urgency that the situation demands. It will take commitment, courage and collaboration if we are to reach our highest goals.

The Courage To Change report
October 2020

The Courage to Change: British Beauty Week 2021

An industry full of innovators, creators and entrepreneurs, all looking for the answer to the billion pound question – how can the future of beauty be sustainable? One person cannot be responsible for future-proofing the industry, the genius lies with the collective; beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, now is the time for the beholder to become the activist – your industry needs you.

Hosted by Sustainable Beauty Coalition Chair and Weleda UK Managing Director, Jayn Sterland, with Scott Wimsett, Planet Positive Presenter and film maker, Lauren Murrell, Co-Founder of By Sarah London, and Joanne Cooke, Trading Director for Beauty & Sports Nutrition at Holland and Barrett.

Originally broadcast during British Beauty Week 2021.

The Courage to Change: Launch panel discussion

The Courage to Change is a landmark report, commissioned by the British Beauty Council. It explores the current status of sustainability in the beauty industry, and sets out their vision for a more sustainable beauty industry. This interactive panel discussion explores the report’s key findings.

Hosted by Anna Teal, with Jayn Sterland, Adam Garfunkel (Junxion), Mark Smith (Natrue), Phil Cummings (Walgreens Boots) and Ray Hopkinson (Hubbub).

Download the Courage to Change report.

WGSN Insights: The Impact of COVID-19 on Sustainability

Sustainability remains a focus for consumers and brands, despite the turbulence caused by Covid-19. Discover how considerations have shifted and the strategies to invest in for a post-pandemic world, including packaging and formulation solutions that will future-proof your brand for the next normal. Join WGSN’s Senior Beauty Strategist, Emma Grace Bailey as she explores the impact of COVID-19 on Sustainability, during this webinar.



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