21st February 2019

How transparent is your influencer marketing?

A guide for influencers from the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) explains what influencers, and the brands that work with them, need to do to avoid breaking […]
20th February 2019

Victoria Beckham Beauty to launch in Autumn 2019

Our ears pricked up when we heard that Victoria Beckham will launch Victoria Beckham Beauty in the autumn. She’s known for her attention to detail so […]
19th February 2019

Top 5 Beauty highlights of LFW

British Beauty Council spotted some innovative beauty looks at LFW, see below our top five looks.   Ashley Williams SS19 Hair by Alex Brownsell & Makeup by […]
18th February 2019
beauty school drop in

Champneys Beauty College

Have you woken up this morning determined to make some changes to your work life? Let us draw your attention to the CIDESCO Fast Track Course […]
15th February 2019

At Face Value by Pretty Analytics

A survey by online retailer Fragrance Direct has revealed that £133.77 is the average monthly spend on beauty for a woman in the UK. Diving deeper, […]
13th February 2019

New patent applied to develop a shaving composition from powder

Cosmetics Business report that a new patent has been applied to develop a shaving composition from powder. Cosmetic scientists have been trying for some time to […]
12th February 2019

The importance of full supply chain diligence when importing goods from overseas

British Beauty Council spotted an interesting story in The Guardian last week which could be seen as a shot across the bows for companies importing into the […]
11th February 2019
what you are doing about packaging?

What are you doing about packaging?

British Beauty Council is inspired by the initiative that Pure PR London has started in a bid to tackle the volume of waste from PR sample […]
8th February 2019
new tech

Brave new beauty technology

If your mirror hasn’t yet told you that your skin needs a bit of corrective concentrate with a side order of hyaluronic acid, it soon will. […]
6th February 2019

Why your lipstick is saving Britain!

British Beauty Council had its week made by this story in Stella Magazine at the weekend. The opening pitch says it all really – that despite […]
5th February 2019

World Cancer Day

On Monday 4th February it was World Cancer Day, which is also a year to the day since Skcin – a charity which raises awareness, promotes prevention […]
4th February 2019

‘CTPA Navigating The New Cosmetics Landscape’

The Cosmetics Toiletries & Perfumers Association (CTPA) have announced that they are holding a Brexit event ‘CTPA Navigating The New Cosmetics Landscape’ on 14 February at […]
1st February 2019

Is men’s makeup due to go mainstream in 2019?

2019, they say, may well be the year that men’s makeup finally makes it – in other words it becomes properly mainstream. It’s taken long enough. […]
30th January 2019

Vlogging superstar James Charles brings Birmingham to a standstill!

The makeup phenomenon that occurred in Birmingham at the weekend, courtesy of 19-year old genderless vlogging superstar James Charles was a seminal moment for the business […]
29th January 2019

Haircuts4Homeless offers hair cutting services free of charge to the homeless

British Beauty Council would like to bring your attention to Haircuts4Homeless – a community group of skilled hairdressers brought together by Stewart Roberts, who offer their hair […]
27th January 2019

Diary Directory tackles the endemic issue of selling PR samples!

It seems to be a growing problem, and frustrating for all brands big and small (and especially gutting for small ones who are counting every product […]
25th January 2019

The growing importance of the beauty salon in the digital world

Gossip, magazines, coffee, cigarettes and sun on your legs: this looks like a pretty ideal situation to us. Throw in a mani/pedi, blow-dry or facial and […]
23rd January 2019
Cherry or plain

Bursting with balms!

It’s come a long way since women’s rights activist Lydia Mary Child recommended using earwax as a dry lip salve in her book the American Frugal […]
22nd January 2019
face masks

The face mask market is predicted to be worth $10,500 million by 2026*

In a global market study* on face masks, Persistence Marketing reveal that this sector of the market will experience even greater growth over the next 7 years. […]
19th January 2019

‘The godmother of the nail industry’

Did you know that actress Tippi Hedren, who was discovered by Alfred Hitchcock after he saw her in a TV advert in 1961 (The Birds, Citizen […]
18th January 2019

Beauty Bulb!

While new technology has provided an incredible launch pad for many new beauty businesses, the notion that building a brand from scratch is any easier than […]
15th January 2019

L’Occitane to acquire British skincare brand Elemis in $900 million deal

L’Occitane have announced their acquisition of Elemis for $900m with the aim of bolstering their growth globally and plans to take Elemis into new markets. Bloomberg report that […]
15th January 2019

Gathering Momentum : The Muslim Beauty & Personal Care Market

British Beauty Council has read an interesting feature by digital marketing agency FleishmanHillard Fishburn on the ‘meteoric’ rise of the Muslim beauty and personal care market, which […]
14th January 2019

Good at makeup?

In spite of the uncertain times we live in, the continuing growth and diversification of the beauty industry means that there has never been a better […]
11th January 2019

Global Beauty & Personal Care Market Size 2011 – 2020

British Beauty Council spotted an eye-opening report in the Business Of Beauty which shows how the global beauty and personal care market has grown – and […]
9th January 2019
body details

Body Details : The Future

Some body detail developments to take note of: While RECESS is transforming the art of the speedy water-free wash with a line of biodegradable body wipes […]
8th January 2019
beauty-insights copy

Non invasive face and body treatment statistics of 2018

British Beauty Council spotted an interesting report* by Euromonitor International late December showing key beauty insights from 2018. Among their key findings are some statistics on the […]
7th January 2019
sk beauty

K-beauty exports have grown from $1b to $2.64b in the past 5 years

British Beauty Council has read a fascinating post in Business of Fashion about how beauty is shaping up in South Korea. They have observed a clash […]
4th January 2019

How well do you know your beauty ingredients?

Here’s a quick guide to how long it takes to start seeing results from the different ingredients in skincare:   ⏱ AHA, glycolic and lactic acids, […]
2nd January 2019
slow shopping

‘Slow shopping’

Stylus recently published an interesting report – Retail For The Silver Economy – focusing on the need for retailers to be more mindful & inclusive of […]
2nd January 2019
Ready for a new start?

Ready for a new start?

YouGov UK reveal that one of our top 10 new year resolutions for 2018 was ‘to improve my appearance’ (which would have likely involved a hair […]
1st January 2019

2018’s top beauty buys via Amazon announced!

British Beauty Council knows the beauty space that Amazon inhabits so well, especially the last-minute shop or the lying-in-bed-on-Sunday-morning-and-browsing type purchase, and is fascinated to learn […]
30th December 2018

Beauty booking habits of 2018

Treatwell produced a real humdinger of a report in November analysing how we booked beauty through the year. One revelation that they shared in a section […]
29th December 2018
2019 hair trends

Cotton Candy or Grey?

Pinterest’s predictions for the two biggest hair colour trends next year – based on the 175 billion ideas pinned on the site this year by the […]
27th December 2018
hasta la vista baby

Are the eyeshadow palette’s days numbered?

While Mintel’s data reveals that one in four 16 to 24 year-olds bought one eyeshdow palette in 2017, and there’s still good evidence of new palette […]
26th December 2018

The number of apprenticeship starts in the UK is down by a quarter from 15,450 to 11,486

The National Hairdressers Federation and National Beauty Federation report that in common with many other sectors, the number of apprenticeship starts in the UK is down […]
25th December 2018

The UK bath and body care market was worth some $1.3b in 2017*

British Beauty Council is interested to read in Cosmetic Business that the UK bath and body care market was worth some $1.3b in 2017*, and that […]
20th December 2018
young people make

Young people make up two-thirds (61%) of the UK beauty workforce*

British Beauty Council is interested to read the National Hairdressers Federation and National Beauty Federation (NHF/NBF) 2018 annual statistics giving an overview of businesses, turnover, employment, […]
19th December 2018

Is your behaviour at work putting you at risk of breaking the law?

Not all insider information is good and the Competitions & Markets Authority’s campaign Stop Cartels has been launched to generate wider awareness around competition law, which […]
19th December 2018
modern day

‘The Prosecutors: Modern Day Slavery’ highlights the troubling rise of modern slavery

‘The Prosecutors: Modern Day Slavery’ (BBC iPlayer catch-up) highlights the troubling rise of modern slavery – reported to be up by 275% in the UK – […]
19th December 2018

The business bid a sad farewell to hairstylist Oribe Canales at 62 this week

The Cuban-born stylist had traded his early ambition to be an actor for the glamorous and – at that time – closed and exclusive world of […]
18th December 2018

#BeCrueltyFree initiative to ban animal testing in cosmetics

Uniliver has announced its support for Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree initiative to ban animal testing in cosmetics. Together they will campaign for regulatory acceptance of modern, non-animal testing […]
16th December 2018

Afro-caribbean women are reported to spend six times more than other ethnicities on beauty and hair services.*

Think Ethnic ran an insightful feature on the Afro-Caribbean hair & beauty market a little while back, in which they revealed this impressive fact that “Afro-caribbean […]
13th December 2018
Grey Hair Don't Care

Grey hair don’t care!

New stats from Superdrug seem to suggest high profile beauty ambassadors of a certain age are helping women feel more confident in their forties and beyond. […]
12th December 2018

The Beauty Industry is Ready to Tackle Sustainable Packaging Innovation by Pretty Analytics

One of the biggest shifts taking space within beauty is the commitment, research and innovation towards sustainable futures. Delving into sustainable ingredient sourcing, supply chain processes […]
11th December 2018

Big tech companies are using data and augmented reality to enter the retail beauty market

The Global Wellness Institute recently reported on how big tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook are using data and augmented reality to enter the […]
10th December 2018
SEEN works

British Beauty Council in conversation with SEEN

Late November we had a very excellent morning at Mortimer House in conversation with SEEN Group’s Nicola Moulton talking about why we founded the Council and […]
10th December 2018

The epidemic of similar packaging in the beauty industry

British Beauty Council spotted a great feature in Beauty Independent on the epidemic of similar packaging in the beauty industry. This is a really good piece […]
9th December 2018
UK Retailers

UK retailers could be hit with an extra £186 million in business rates

As the Perfume Shop unveil an updated logo and website, trade publication Soap, Perfumery & Cosmetics (SPC) inform us that UK retailers could be hit with […]
7th December 2018
BBC-asset (1)

Your chance to influence the future of British beauty!

Dear friends & followers As you might have read, the British Beauty Council is conducting research to develop a definition of the British beauty industry, and […]
5th December 2018

Wabi-Sabi Beauty by Pretty Analytics

Wabi-sabi: A Japanese term focused on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. In beauty terms, the industry is beginning to draw focus on what traditional media […]
4th December 2018

What do symbols in beauty packaging mean?

British Beauty Council spotted a great story in British Vogue on what the symbols in beauty packaging actually mean. Among those they’ve decoded for readers are […]
29th November 2018

‘What You Should Know Before Marketing & Advertising Cosmetics’ – CTPA Seminar on 11th December

Are you up to speed with the latest requirements on cosmetic claims & best practices in claims substantiation? Do you know that there is an advertising […]
28th November 2018

Beauty Innovation: Upcycled Makeup by Pretty Analytics

Within fashion, second-hand shopping, wardrobe swaps and upcycling your old clothes are becoming increasingly popular practices. However, when it comes to beauty, the sustainable solutions are […]
27th November 2018
managing brexit

Managing brexit in beauty

As we know, the UK is due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019, and while there is plenty of discussion on this there appear […]
26th November 2018

Gen X & Quality Consumption

Millennials seem to garner the lion’s share of attention in the magazine world these days. Aside from iconic Baby Boomer brands the newsstand reads like a social […]
23rd November 2018

Samplicity introduces a reinvention of beauty sampling

The British Beauty Council is interested to hear how a new company is reviving the test function of sampling while offering real traceability in terms of […]
21st November 2018

Emerging Trend: Athleisure Beauty by Pretty Analytics

  According to Leisure DB’s 2018 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report there has been a: 4.6% increase in the number of fitness facilities in […]
20th November 2018

Belfast is the self tan capital of the UK*

British Beauty Council loves a good beauty statistic and this one comes to us via *YouGov & Statista following a survey of the greatest consumption of […]
18th November 2018

Backlash against makeup in Korea

British Beauty Council are fascinated to read in The Guardian a story about an apparent backlash against makeup in Korea – beauty’s new horizon. While there […]
15th November 2018
PZ cussons

PZ Cussons committed to reduce plastic consumption 25% by 2025

British Beauty Council reads that PZ Cussons have announced new plastic consumption and deforestation targets in order to meet its 2020 No Deforestation / No Peat […]
14th November 2018

Trend Focus: J Beauty Concepts Influencing Our Beauty Ideals by Pretty Analytics

Whilst terms such as “K Beauty” and “J  Beauty” are defined as trends, they are robust and long lasting. They represent the thriving beauty markets in […]
13th November 2018
maple leaf extract

The benefits of maple leaf extract on the skin

The British Beauty Council reads with interest that maple leaf extract could become a new magic bullet for skin. Researchers at the University of Rhode Island […]
11th November 2018
andrew collinge

Andrew Collinge Hairdressing receives royal recognition for its inspirational commitment to learning and development

Andrew Collinge Hairdressing has received royal recognition for its inspirational commitment to learning and development from The Princess Royal Training Awards – they are the first […]
9th November 2018

Skin Microbiome Congress 2018

Many believe that skin microbiome is set to revolutionise dermatology. The role of live bacteria, bacteria extracts, pre and post biotics in skincare, especially treatments targeting […]
7th November 2018

What defines beauty?

The British Beauty Council has been founded as an industry body for the beauty sector, and we are currently working with global insight and strategy consultants […]
5th November 2018
plastic-free packaging

Lush launch plastic-free makeup at Oxford Street Flagship store

The British Beauty Council has read an insightful article in the Huffington Post last week, that the cosmetics retailer Lush is rolling out a range of […]
5th November 2018

The impact of a ‘NO DEAL’ brexit on the cosmetics industry

The CTPA have published a very insightful report for its members on the impact of a ‘no deal’ Brexit on the cosmetics industry. To compile it, […]
4th November 2018
The Plastic-Free Beauty Conversation

The Plastic-Free Beauty Conversation by Pretty Analytics

Scientists at the Dame Ellen McArthur Foundation have calculated that approximately 78 million tonnes of plastics are being produced every year. With only a shocking 14% […]
31st October 2018

Psoriasis Awareness Week

It’s Psoriasis Awareness Week and while this condition is not necessarily one which can be treated with beauty products, the research around it unearths some interesting […]
31st October 2018

Emerging Trend: Wildcrafted Beauty by Pretty Analytics

“Farm to table” eating is a concept we see digging its roots deeper into the beauty industry. It’s about creating a sustainable, transparent and traceable journey […]
31st October 2018
that age old question

That age old question …

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the UK’s regulator of advertising, banned the use of the term ‘anti ageing’ in beauty advertising a decade ago, and Allure magazine […]
31st October 2018
Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019 – deadline for entries 2nd November

It’s a bumper year for the Beauty Shortlist awards and there’s still 3 days before the deadline closes for entries. So if you’re yet to deliver, […]
27th October 2018

Rimmel London launch #IWILLNOTBEDELETED Global Campaign with Cybersmile Foundation

British makeup brand Rimmel and anti-bullying charity Cybersmile Foundation have launched a three year global campaign to combat beauty cyberbullying. The ‘I Will Not Be Deleted’ campaign […]
26th October 2018

Cosmetic Scientist and Lab Technician work on the rise

British Beauty Council knows that interest in work as cosmetic scientists and lab technicians is steadily increasing in this integral part of our business, and is […]
24th October 2018

Are Chatbots Really the Future for Beauty Brand Communication? by Pretty Analytics

Chatbots, and any integrated technology, are an amazing way to automate elements of customer service, provide recommendations and create convenient channels for customers. However, beauty is […]
23rd October 2018

L’Oreal are committed to reduce an impressive 25% of it’s carbon emissions by 2030

British Beauty Council reads in a report by Supply Chain Dive that L’Oreal UK & Ireland have conducted an in-depth analysis of its supply chain to […]
22nd October 2018
REV Talk

What’s the deal with organic beauty?

British Beauty Council founder Millie Kendall MBE joined natural beauty experts Samantha Freedman, Sjaniel Turrell, Danielle Copperman and REV co-founder Cora Hilts to discuss the sustainability movement […]
19th October 2018


Part one of our action plan for the British beauty business, following our overview post on how we plan to practically deliver on our manifesto, is […]
19th October 2018


Part two of our action plan for the British beauty business covers the pillar for education – the basis of knowledge and good practice in our […]
19th October 2018


Part three of our action plan for the British beauty business covers the pillar for innovation – a hugely significant lifeblood area of our industry which […]
16th October 2018


We were truly overwhelmed by the support we received following a feature by Alice Hart-Davies published in the Daily Mail Inspire section last week. If we […]
16th October 2018
K Beauty sparks hair care innovation by Pretty Analytics

K Beauty Sparks Sophisticated Hair Care Innovation by Pretty Analytics

The K Beauty hair market is showing steady growth. From this, many interesting hair care ingredients and innovative formulations have emerged that we will start to […]
12th October 2018

Les Eaux de Chanel line

Les Eaux de Chanel line – the essence of neroli with tonka & vanilla – has expanded to accommodate bath and body ancillaries Body Lotion and Hair […]
12th October 2018

20.5% of UK salons currently have vacancies due to skill shortages

British Beauty Council finds Habia UK an excellent source of informative data on the beauty business and was interested to note these stats on their site […]
11th October 2018

The music industry campaign to mitigate the impact Brexit will have on their £4.4bn business

British Beauty Council understands that the music industry has started actively campaigning to mitigate the impact Brexit will have on their £4.4b* business. In an open […]
10th October 2018

Validated: The Makeup of Val Garland

Here’s your Amazon Prime delivery for October: renowned makeup artist & British Vogue contributing editor Val Garland has published a book of her favourite looks from a […]
9th October 2018
Jasmine awards

The Fragrance Foundation Jasmine Awards 2019

The Fragrance Foundation Jasmine Awards 2019 is open for entries. Categories include best literary feature, best short feature, best practical guide, best creative visual, best video […]
8th October 2018
non animal alternatives

Pursuing non-animal alternatives!

Procter & Gamble have announced that they are ceasing sales of the badger fur shaving brushes from their Art Of Shaving line following a PETA expose […]
1st October 2018
British Beauty Council

Meet the women out to prove beauty means business…

The Daily Mail talks to the women behind the British Beauty Council.   Click on the below link to see the full article :   https://dailym.ai/2DINkdT […]
30th September 2018

The ‘Opucoin’

British Beauty Council has read a fascinating report in Fashionista about how one beauty startup is taking advantage of bitcoin currency to get off the ground: Opu […]
28th September 2018
gucci beauty

Gucci Beauty

British Beauty Council is so inspired by the new @guccibeauty Instagram feed which has taken a superb new path in its style so far: devoid of the […]
26th September 2018

Buy now, pay later by Pretty Analytics

Time is a luxury – something that e-retailers are understanding as same-day and next day delivery options and express collect in store become increasingly expected by […]
24th September 2018
Jo by Jo loves


Congratulations to Jo Malone CBE who has last week released a new fragrance – a superb grapefruit which she has named after herself, Jo By Jo Loves […]
22nd September 2018
Covent Garden

Covent Garden – London’s Home of Beauty

Covent Garden, the capital’s home of beauty, kicked off their annual Beautython last week with a panel discussion on the future of beauty in collaboration with […]
20th September 2018
'Sweet Escape Nails'

‘Sweet Escape’

Have 100% lost our hearts to the embellished renaissance ‘Sweet Escape’ nails CND World did for Official Libertine during fashion week.
19th September 2018

Raising the bar by Pretty Analytics

The rise of the waterless beauty movement and influx of solid formulations has brought the classic soap bar back into the spotlight. However, over the last […]
18th September 2018
Woman & Home

Woman & Home Winners Announced

With the tag #straighttalkingbeauty Woman and Home announced the winners of their beauty awards last Wednesday night at No6 Hotel Marylebone. The top judging panel, who included British […]
17th September 2018
Indie Beauty Expo

Indie Beauty Expo 2018

The Indie Beauty Expo comes to London in Oct it offers startup and small brands an opportunity to meet buyers, press and trade contacts, as well as […]
14th September 2018
London adults..

London adults spend on average £473 on beauty products a month!

Research by Hiscox Insurance has revealed some interesting beauty and health statistics. “London Adults spend on average £473 on beauty products a month. East Anglian adults spend […]