15th August 2018

Diversifying Hair Care by Pretty Analytics

Pretty Analytics has witnessed hair care branch out into focused product lines providing more inclusive solutions for the diversity of the beauty consumer. Traditional hair concerns […]
13th August 2018
Olympia Beauty

Olympia Beauty UK 2018 : There’s nothing black and white about beauty…

The UK beauty business delivers a reported 17 billion pounds to the economy every year, yet it has never had an inclusive group to represent its […]
11th August 2018
Martini anyone?

Martini anyone?

British Beauty Council spots a bit of a retro Seventies’ barbershop vibe to new men’s fragrances: patchouli, sage, oak moss, lime, jasmine, musk, shaving soap and […]
10th August 2018

This idea is the pits!

Has thus far managed to avoid any armpit reports on our feed, even this year’s trends for underarm glitter & detox masks. But the latest idea […]
8th August 2018

Trend Focus: J Beauty Concepts Influencing Our Beauty Ideals by Pretty Analytics

Whilst terms such as “K Beauty” and “J  Beauty” are defined as trends, they are robust and long lasting. They represent the thriving beauty markets in […]
6th August 2018
Redken App

Style Station App by Redken

British Beauty Council notes that hairbots, 3D colouration tech & VR are some of the latest ways hair companies are connecting with consumers, & Redken have launched […]
5th August 2018
ruby & millie

20 years ago today marks the launch of Ruby & Millie

The launch of the trailblazing makeup line Ruby & Millie exactly 20 years ago this Monday. Developed by magic hands makeup artist Ruby Hammer & Millie Kendall who […]
3rd August 2018
C J Walker

“Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. You have to get up and make them” – C J Walker

The life of C J Walker – the first self-made female millionaire in the US – is to be movie-fied. Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer will […]
1st August 2018

Trend Focus: The Deeper Connection Between Crystals And Beauty Routines by Pretty Analytics

Pantone’s colour of 2018, Ultraviolet, is a deep purple that reflects how magic and spirituality have inspired beauty over the years and will continue to do […]
31st July 2018
Shades of beauty live

Shades of Beauty Live

Diary date alert! Shades of beauty live at the Royal Horticultural Halls is a 2-day event celebrating individual expression & founded by Grace & Cristina Adesina. The […]
30th July 2018
new product alert

NEW PRODUCT ALERT : Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation from Beauty Blender

British beauty council notes the exciting new launch from Beauty Blender .. drum roll: a face base called Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation with a groundbreaking […]
27th July 2018
First Aid Beauty

First Aid Beauty

Hears Procter & Gamble has recently expanded its beauty portfolio by acquiring First Aid Beauty, the skin solutions brand founded in 2009 by Lilli Gordon. FAB […]
25th July 2018

At Face Value by Pretty Analytics

A survey by online retailer Fragrance Direct has revealed that £133.77 is the average monthly spend on beauty for a woman in the UK. Diving deeper, […]
23rd July 2018
supplement skincare

TREND ALERT : Supplement Skincare

Pill popping to supplement skincare is one of the fastest growing trends in beauty and it makes complete sense – delivering properly integrated skin care. So […]
21st July 2018

could animal testing become obsolete?

A new computer system has been developed in the United States that predicts the toxicity of chemicals more accurately than animal tests. This is a breakthrough […]
21st July 2018
Entrepreneurialism in the beauty industry

A celebration of entrepreneurialism in the beauty industry

British Beauty Council feels like today is a good one to celebrate the remarkable spirit of entrepreneurialism in our industry. Across the world we’ve seen more […]
19th July 2018

The Beauty Industry is Ready to Tackle Sustainable Packaging Innovation by Pretty Analytics

One of the biggest shifts taking space within beauty is the commitment, research and innovation towards sustainable futures. Delving into sustainable ingredient sourcing, supply chain processes […]
17th July 2018

Gen X & quality consumption

Millennials seem to garner the lion’s share of attention in the magazine world these days. Aside from iconic Baby Boomer brands the newsstand reads like a social […]
16th July 2018

Freckle Feels

British Beauty Council loves that freckles are all the rage, despite the shade that is thrown at sun exposure & the dark ways this can impact […]
13th July 2018
Body care boom

Ready for an invasion of body snatchers?

Market trend experts are predicting a boom in body care next year, with body ‘skin care’ becoming as important as face skin care. On the cards […]
11th July 2018

Beauty Innovation: Upcycled Makeup by Pretty Analytics

Within fashion, second-hand shopping, wardrobe swaps and upcycling your old clothes are becoming increasingly popular practices. However, when it comes to beauty, the sustainable solutions are […]
9th July 2018
Carry on not approved

Carry on not approved

British Beauty Council hear that cosmetics are likely to be banned as carry on items for flights departing from the UK in new restrictions being drawn […]
6th July 2018
The Humble Brush

The Humble Brush

British Beauty Council hears there’s a new toothbrush on the block & it’s made from bamboo, not plastic. The Humble Co. was founded on the theory […]
5th July 2018

Emerging Trend: Athleisure Beauty by Pretty Analytics

  According to Leisure DB’s 2018 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report there has been a: 4.6% increase in the number of fitness facilities in […]
2nd July 2018
non toxic sunscreens

Non-toxic sunscreens

British Beauty Council spotted a great story in Goop this week about non-toxic sunscreens. Not so much those rare breeds that don’t harm the environment (coral […]
29th June 2018
UVA Ratings

Do you know the damaging effects of UVA?

British Beauty Council has some cheery info for you during this summertime scorcher: Boots suncare brand Soltan surveyed 1000 parents with children aged 14 & under. […]
27th June 2018

Makeup Removal Takes On A Zero Waste Approach

Pretty Analytics on how makeup removal is taking on a zero waste approach. A report by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) presented that the UK uses more […]
25th June 2018
Decoded Future

Stylus Decoded Future Summit

We’re looking forward to the Stylus Decoded Future beauty, fashion & lifestyle summit tomorrow Tuesday 26th June. Founder & CEO of Stylus, Marc Worth explains why this […]
22nd June 2018
hemp blog post

Beauty’s buzziest ingredient?

One fine day, twenty summers ago, French police raided The Body Shop in Aix-en-Provence, seizing lip balms and hand creams from the brand’s new Hemp Range […]
22nd June 2018

The US Tax Levy: beauty’s ticking time bomb

The EU Commission has confirmed that it will be imposing a tariff on imports of American cosmetics, Bourbon and American whiskey from today, in retaliation to […]
20th June 2018

Emerging Trend: Wildcrafted Beauty by Pretty Analytics

“Farm to table” eating is a concept we see digging its roots deeper into the beauty industry. It’s about creating a sustainable, transparent and traceable journey […]
18th June 2018
Can Beauty be a key...

Can beauty be a key to social reintegration for women after prison?

Was interested to read a feature by Lexy Lebsack that talks about the role beauty is starting to play in supporting female prisoner reform in the […]
16th June 2018

the indie beauty boom

Indie beauty is set for global expansion and here in the UK, showcasing British independent brands is on the rise. Sarirah Hamid, founder of Pretty Analytics, […]
15th June 2018
The Cotton Bud Project

The Cotton Bud Project

Spotted in The Telegraph & WWF UK : more cotton buds are thrown away each year in the UK – 13.2 billion – than any other European […]
13th June 2018
Male Makeup : Challenging Traditional Makeup Standards

Male Makeup : Challenging Traditional Beauty Standards by Pretty Analytics

Challenging traditions of masculinity, social and gender norms, male grooming is expanding within beauty. According to a Statista report[1], the male grooming market has increased by […]
11th June 2018
Ally Journey

Amly journey By Kerry Moore

My journey to launching a skincare brand has perhaps not been a traditional one. I originally planned to be a doctor, then after a (very) brief […]
9th June 2018
Queen's Birthday Honours

The Queen’s Birthday Honours 2018

Applauds three beauty luminaries for inclusion on the Queen’s Birthday Honours list this year: a CBE for Jo Malone for services to the economy & the GREAT […]
7th June 2018
The Plastic-Free Beauty Conversation

The Plastic-Free Beauty Conversation by Pretty Analytics

Scientists at the Dame Ellen McArthur Foundation have calculated that approximately 78 million tonnes of plastics are being produced every year. With only a shocking 14% […]
5th June 2018
Decoded Future

Decoded Future: a summit to empower change-makers

Innovation research and trends experts Stylus have announced an inaugural innovation summit, Decoded Future – the ultimate gathering for brands, retailers, tech companies and start ups […]
1st June 2018
Next on the banned list?

Next on the banned list?

There’s one for every part of the body, every kind of complexion & conceivable form of makeup/dirt removal – not to mention those that make light […]
30th May 2018
Online Beauty Brands Forecast to Grow 65.9% by 2022

Online Beauty Brands Forecast to Grow 65.9% by 2022

While high street stores remain the primary purchase channel for health and beauty products, Report Linker say spend will continue to grow online in the coming years. Investments […]
25th May 2018
Safety in Beauty

Safety in beauty

Safety in Beauty are a Public Awareness Campaign founded in 2013 to educate & empower the public to make safer choices in beauty/cosmetic/aesthetics treatments. Safety in […]
22nd May 2018
Avon Talking

Avon talking!

British Beauty Council loved the insightful ‘Smarter beauty’ presentation given by Avon UK early May at White City House where the BBC and BeautyMART’s very own Millie […]
17th May 2018

Are BioPlastics the Magic Bullet for the Plastic Crisis?

The race is on to create oil-free plastic packaging that won’t harm our environment. We’ve been following the development of bioplastics, an industry predicted to be worth some […]
15th May 2018
Just Add Beauty Your brand with the best of beauty

Just Add Beauty

Just Add Beauty is a new fashion and beauty retailing concept developed by an ex-Grazia Beauty Editor.  Samantha Freedman explains how it pairs beauty with likeminded […]
4th May 2018
Argos Eau de Catalogue

Argos Eau de Catalogue

6 April We heard that a new fragrance touched down on counters this week, but not on conventional perfumery counters – no, this one could be […]
4th May 2018
Transcending Scents

Transcending Scent

Anita Bhagwandas, winner of this year’s Fragrance Foundation/Jasmine Award literary prize for her feature Transcending Scent in Stylist Magazine, told us about her inspiration for this […]
4th May 2018
Beauty Employment Rise

Beauty Employment Rise

The beauty and hair industry was estimated to added 50k jobs to the UK economy in 2017 and we are interested to hear whether this encouraging […]
4th May 2018
Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap

16 April Drapers Online have published an excellent update on the gender pay gap. The report gives a comprehensive breakdown on how fashion/beauty, accessory and footwear […]
15th April 2018
Creative Head

Creative Head Hair Icon Nominees Agreed

Nominees for Creative Head Magazine’s 2018 Most Wanted Hair Icon have been agreed. Out of 60 shortlisted influencers the final 10 have been announced as Eugene […]