SURVEY : Skin Cancer Awareness in the Beauty Industry

by | Apr 23, 2020

“To discover the beauty industry’s awareness of the signs of skin cancer and their confidence in communicating possible signs to their clients”

A student at the University of Manchester approached the British Beauty Council about a research study they were conducting in their final year as a Physician Associate (MSc). They were hoping to get an understanding of how much awareness the beauty industry has into spotting the signs of skin cancer and their confidence in communicating these possible signs to their clients.

“My previous degree was in Radiotherapy & Oncology (BSc) at Sheffield Hallam University. Therefore, I have always been interested in cancer research and public health.

It was during a haircut in my local Barbers, where I thought of my research idea. I knew I had a developed a spot on the back of my neck and I wondered if the Barber would mention or ask about it? They didn’t, which made me further think would a Barber or other alike professional mention any skin changes they notice on their clients?

I then went on to find out if any research had been conducted in this area, which was limited. I then found the charity Skcin who promote skin cancer awareness and early detection through education. They have developed a national accreditation programme called MASCED (Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection) specifically designed for hair, health and beauty industry professionals. This guided me to create my questionnaire and conduct my research.” – Physician Associate (MSc) student at the University of Manchester

To help this student conduct their research British Beauty Council wants to hear from you!

Please complete the following questionnaire via the link below :

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