Top Google beauty searches during coronavirus lockdown

Apr 23, 2020

As we hit a month since the UK has been in lockdown and salons and shops remain closed. Consumers have been turning to Google to gain inspiration for nails, hair, skincare and brows.

See below the top Google beauty searches during coronavirus lockdown.

  1. How to cut men’s hair – 623.5%
  2. How to cut your own hair – 412.2%
  3. How to fade hair – 285.2%
  4. How to shave your head – 277.8%
  5. How to cut bangs – 251.5%
  6. Hair masks – 200.4%
  7. How to slit your eyebrow – 186.2%
  8. How to cut a fringe – 181.6%
  9. How to trim a beard – 178.3%
  10. How to pierce your own ear – 172.9%
  11. How to remove gel nails – 161.3%
  12. Lash list at home – 157.3%
  13. How to cut a mullet – 124.7%
  14. How to make hair dye – 111.7%
  15. How to wax eyebrows – 112.6%
  16. How to grow eyebrows – 108.5%
  17. How to do eyebrows – 96.6%
  18. How to shape eyebrows – 90.6%
  19. How often should you wash your hair – 88.1%
  20. How to bleach hair – 87.7%

Image credit Cosmetic Business News.


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