by | Oct 16, 2018

We were truly overwhelmed by the support we received following a feature by Alice Hart-Davies published in the Daily Mail Inspire section last week. If we needed encouragement, in our quest to bring about greater recognition and a proper visible platform for the beauty industry, this was it. After a year or more spent working on how we would organise our venture, with meetings grabbed here and there, squeezed into early morning/evening meetings around our real day jobs (each of the founders run our own separate businesses), it’s especially thrilling to see our proposal so well received. Thank you.

Our ambition is to ensure that the beauty industry is recognised and valued at all levels of government, through the wider economy and by consumers. So how do we plan to do this? And what are we actually going to do?

Well, we have identified three pillars which will form the structure by which we will divide our work and focus ourselves. With the generous support already given by organisations, individuals and influencers in our business, we plan to work with the experts in our business to actively drive each one of these pillars practically and positively forward.

For the purposes of easy digestion, here is an overview of our pillars and what we hope each will achieve.


With this pillar, we will promote the British beauty industry as a highly profitable, world-leading business, and champion future-proofing initiatives to ensure its ongoing success.


With this pillar we aim to attract the best talent into the industry by giving students a clear understanding of how to study and train for key roles. To ensure the future growth and success of the British beauty industry, we aim to establish a charitable trust to support initiatives that will attract, develop and retain talent.


The purpose of this pillar is to promote the British beauty industry’s public-facing image as a world leader in creativity, business and innovation. This will include providing business expertise, advice and support to budding entrepreneurs with digital.

Over the next few days we will post full details on how we plan to practically execute each of these pillars.

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