Seekology become Patron of British Beauty Council

by | Nov 3, 2021

The British Beauty Council are pleased to announce that Seekology have become a Patron, and to introduce them to you.

We spoke with Rebecca Saunders, founder of Seekology, to find out more about the brand, what excites them about the British beauty industry, and why they wanted to become a Patron.


Our Members who attended British Beauty Week 2021 will be familiar with Seekology due to the brand’s presence within our Carriage Hall home. For those who haven’t already met Seekology, it would be great to find out more about the brand:


Seekology is the place to shop independent beauty + wellbeing brands: everything from vegan skincare to soy wax candles, pyjamas to aromatherapy. I carefully curate a range both online and for pop up shops (6 and counting!). Seekology launched in late 2019, and has been described by Beauty Independent as “the antidote to Amazon and other chain store retailers”, which is exactly what I set out to create – somewhere that brings back the magic of physical retail. Seekology is a place of discovery, with impartial advice and inspiring events, telling the stories behind small businesses.  I want Seekology to be the shop where you first spot the cult indie brands of tomorrow!


What excites you about the British beauty industry?


The British beauty industry is vibrant and dynamic and full of inspiring, supportive people. When I was the beauty buyer for John Lewis, I was approached by indie brands all the time but was unable to work with them in the majority of cases. I created Seekology to showcase this innovation and to support small businesses in the beauty industry with Seekology’s sales platform, community, advice and connections. I’m excited every day by the founders that I work with at Seekology – over 100 so far – and love watching these entrepreneurs as they innovate and drive change.


We are delighted to have you on board, why did you want to become a Patron of the British Beauty Council?


I was so delighted to participate in British Beauty Week and get to know the British Beauty Council. Its support for our industry and its participants has been critical through the last tumultuous 18 months, and  Seekology’s ethos and ambitions are also firmly intertwined with that of the British Beauty Council – supporting growing businesses in the sector. Through our initial partnership for British Beauty Week, we have already had the opportunity to make valuable connections, highlight our brands to a wider audience, and even meeting Rishi Sunak to tell him our story! I am excited to continue Seekology’s partnership with the British Beauty Council and to collaborate with other patrons, working together to develop and promote this important industry.



Click here to find out about Seekology’s upcoming pop ups and events featuring some of the best indie beauty brands.

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