CONFERENCE: United Against Workplace Bullying

Join Conduct Change during anti-bullying week 2020 for a week of live talks with expert panelists sharing ideas and answering your questions, alongside a mix of webinars and speakers including our CEO, Millie Kendall MBE.

Together, we need to have open conversations to raise awareness of the harmful effects of workplace bullying on both organisations and their employees, and accept that there is a need for change. For this conference, we are bringing together experts, influencers and practitioners from the business world and beyond, to share ideas, thoughts and experiences to help us all move closer to our goals.

Delegates will enjoy access to all keynote presentations and Panels and will be able to post questions.

They will also have unlimited access to recordings of all Keynotes, Panels, Webinars, Stories of Courage and Supplier Showcases for 30 days after the event.

Delegate Rates:

  • Business £75

  • Charities/Not for Profit £55

  • Individual £45

CONFERENCE will explore:

  • What can we do differently to support prevention and  resolution of workplace bullying?

  • Awareness of the harmful effects of workplace bullying on both organisations and their employees

  • Is legislation working?

  • Starting the conversations – how do we get boards and senior management to talk about bullying?

  • Challenging the Norm – how do you influence behaviour beyond your own business?

  • How should we be supporting people through trauma?

  • Supporting Employee wellbeing

  • What if the prevention of bullying behaviours was at the heart of culture change?

  • Is mediation the solution to workplace bullying?

  • When do interventions work for the organisation?

  • Creating braver workplaces – the importance of psychological safety and emotional intelligence in speaking up

  • Cyberbullying: societal influences on organisational culture



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