Beiersdorf launches moisturiser using recycled CO2

by | Apr 20, 2022

NIVEA MEN are using an ingredient obtained from recycled carbon dioxide in their new moisturiser.

This is made possible through the carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) process, which is an ultramodern method for making use of carbon. The CO2-recycling technology comprises multiple steps. First, the carbon dioxide is collected at locations such as industrial chimneys and diverted to a bioreactor, where it is then fermented and processed into a cosmetic ethanol, which is used in numerous cosmetic products.


“Our ambition is to offer consumers the highest product quality possible at all times. To make that happen, we combine our deep scientific expertise with the latest technologies such as this type of artificial photosynthesis. I am delighted that our product developers have initiated this innovative men’s skin care concept together with our partners and that they were the first in our industry to bring it to market. It is an impressive step that is bound to be followed by more developments in this direction.” 

– Dr. Gitta Neufang, Corporate Senior Vice President Global R&D at Beiersdorf


The new skincare product is manufactured using electricity from renewable sources; the NIVEA MEN Climate Care Moisturiser will be launched on the German market in early June 2022, starting as a limited edition at drugstores and online retailers.


“This new men’s skin care product with the innovative CO2-recycling technology represents an important milestone for us. The ‘Climate Care’ name hits the mark very well, as our sustainability engagement goes far beyond the scope of our skin care products and puts climate action at the center of our approach.” 

– Jean-Francois Pascal, Vice President Sustainability at Beiersdorf

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