Sali Hughes announces the launch of skincare range

by | Apr 21, 2022

Journalist, broadcaster and presenter Sali Hughes, has announced the launch of her skincare range in collaboration with Revolution Skincare. Set to be released on 28th April, the line has been created to be affordable, effective and straightforward.

The range will launch with six products: two cleansers, one exfoliant, one serum and two moisturisers. Sali announced the launch on her Instagram, explaining that she had a list of non-negotiables for creating her own skincare line, one of which was that the products would need to be made in Britain. 


Speaking with the British Beauty Council about which factors influenced her decision to have the products made in Britain, Sali said “this range was born in national lockdown, when it was clear the effects on British manufacturing were to be brutal. The pandemic and Brexit combined have been hugely challenging for British makers, with significant losses in workforce, and huge delays in ingredient and component availability and lead times. Honestly, we just really need to support them – as an industry and as consumers, even when it means paying a little extra for people to be paid properly to make things properly. I’ve made many visits to my manufacturers and the sheer care shown at every stage has been seriously impressive and quite moving. I’m very proud to be manufacturing here and very grateful that Revolution Skincare was already fully onboard with supporting our manufacturing industries. It made things very easy”.


Each product has been made so that it can slot into existing routines, as well as all being fully compatible with one-another for a four-minute four-step routine. “I loved visiting the formulator Laura at the factory, because everything is so much quicker and more exciting when you can be there in person” said Sali when asked about her favourite stages in the process of creating the products, “I found the constant back and forth of parcels punctuated by Zoom calls pretty frustrating at times. But when you can be onsite in a white Iab coat, you can really get stuck in and convey what you need, fixing any problems together. Sometimes I got in the car and drove 250 miles just to have a face to face for half an hour and it always paid off. I also loved naming the products, although the process was brutal. Every time I thought of something, the lawyers would run a search on it and nix it because someone, somewhere in the world, will have used it previously. I became an obsessive name-generator – I thought of Must-C at 4:30 in the morning and had to get up in bed to write it down before I forgot. It took me about 30-40 goes with each product name, but I’m really happy where I ended up and people are telling me they love the names”.


When asked what advice she’d give her 25-year-old self, Sali said “I’ve always looked after my skin, really, so not much has changed since I was 25. I think I’d tell me to keep doing what I was doing – taking care of my skin but never at the expense of having fun and enjoying life. No one loves skincare and products more than I do – I’ve been obsessed my whole life – but they’re not the most important thing in the world. I’d never buy a product at the expense of a delicious supper somewhere, or a drink with friends. That’s what I hope people will get from this range: good, serious skincare without significant sacrifices to their finances, free time and lifestyle. Times are tough and consumers are confused and overstretched. Let me be the obsessive nerd for you while you get on with your lives. I want your skincare to be accessible, easy and fun”.


Sali Hughes x Revolution Skincare will launch on 28th April, available at, Superdrug, Boots, Beauty Bay, ASOS, and Look Fantastic.

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