World Mental Health Day 2020

by | Oct 8, 2020

World Mental Health Day 2020 is taking place on Saturday 10th October.


The mental health charity Mind have revealed that more than half of adults and over two thirds of young people said their mental health got worse during lockdown. The hair and beauty industry has been hugely impacted by both national and local lockdowns and government restrictions. It is vital that you take care of yourself and your mental health all the time, but it’s especially important right now.


Making positive change can seem difficult, especially during such uncertain times. It can be hard to know where to start; whether you want to take the first steps towards getting some help or learn more about helping those around you, Mind’s information, support and their online community can help to get you started.


“Whether it’s going for a walk, learning a new skill or doing something creative, taking the first steps to getting support for yourself, or reaching out to someone else; take the opportunity to do one thing this World Mental Health Day” – Mind


Image credit: The Lions Barber Collective


Earlier this year we spoke with Advisory Board Member Tom Champan, founder of The Lions Barber Collective, an international collection of top barbers which have come together to help raise awareness for the prevention of suicide. In our article, Chapman spoke about the origins of The Lions Barber Collective and BarberTalk: “The LBC started as a one-off project where I gathered a group of barbers to create a look book of men’s haircut images to raise money for charity. When deciding which charities to donate to, one of the barbers suggested suicide prevention. That was a real eye-opener for me because I didn’t realise you could raise money or that there were suicide prevention charities. Considering that I had lost a close friend to suicide, just the year before this was a big shock to myself, how many people out there had lost somebody over suffering and didn’t know where to turn.


I very quickly realised there’s more to this than a one-off project and that hairdressers and barbers have an amazing position of trust within their communities. It has been joked about forever that we are our client’s therapist or psychiatrist. This realisation led to the idea of another bespoke training program for those inherent in the beauty world. Which led to me working alongside lead psychiatrists, including former psychiatrist of the year, Pete Aitken, to develop what is now known as BarberTalk.”


What can you do this World Mental Health Day?

  • Be physically active, go for a walk, cycle or even start couch to 5k 
  • Connect with others, call your friends or family
  • Learn new skills, trial a new recipe for dinner or work on a DIY project
  • Be more mindful, learn more about mindfulness by signing up to Vogue’s 5 Day of Wellness Virtual Event – Mindful Monday, and Glamour X Boots’ Selfcare Sunday – Find Your Chill with Headspace


To find out more about The Lions Barber Collective and the work they do surrounding mental health, visit their website here.

Find out more about Mind, and the work they’re doing year round here.

For information for better mental wellbeing from the NHS, click here.

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