Women of the City: Issue 6

by | Dec 16, 2020

Issue 6 of Women of the City magazine features British Beauty Council Board Members Alexia Inge, Millie Kendall MBE, Ruby Hammer MBE, and Vanita Parti MBE.

Women of the City (WOTC) is a magazine which focuses on female enterprise; Issue 6, #IPLEDGE features 4 members from the British Beauty Council Boards.


WOTC explain their #IPLEDGE campaign, “this coming year, we want to be more intentional, but mostly we want to inspire others to do the same by sharing our pledges for good. The #IPLEDGE campaign features 22 female leaders who are pioneering change all over the globe”.



Alexia Inge


“In 2021, #IPLEDGE as the co-founder of Cult Beauty, to use this platform to broaden people’s understanding and experience of what is beautiful or aspirational, to elevate sustainable and socially-positive brands and to support a diverse group of entrepreneurs in their missions to build something positive in the beauty and wellness industry. As a consumer, #IPLEDGE to vote – with my wallet – only for brands whose ethos and behaviors the world needs to proliferate.”


Millie Kendall MBE


“In 2021, #IPLEDGE to build a stronger relationship with the government overall in terms of representation of the hair and beauty industry. Most importantly a strong relationship with Her Majesty’s Treasury. #IPLEDGE to ensure that British brands and retailers are recognised as world leaders on a global stage. #IPLEDGE to guide our sector towards having the courage to change and building products and businesses in the future that are net positive, and overall, #IPLEDGE to being a better mother, friend, colleague, sister because the world needs to be better right now.”


Ruby Hammer MBE


“In 2021, #IPLEDGE to provide equality in opportunity. I do it in my personal life and will try and endeavour to do it in my working life as well. I want to level the playing field wherever I can. Giving chances that everyone can grasp if they choose to. Live and let live, with compassion and a little bit of humour.”


Vanita Parti MBE


“In 2021 #IPLEDGE to get our business back to where it was by focusing on what our customers want, rewarding my fantastic team for surviving this difficult time and ensuring we are future proof.”



You can read the full WOTC Issue 6 #IPLEDGE here.

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