What’s the deal with organic beauty?

by | Oct 22, 2018

British Beauty Council founder Millie Kendall MBE joined natural beauty experts Samantha Freedman, Sjaniel Turrell, Danielle Copperman and REV co-founder Cora Hilts to discuss the sustainability movement and how it has impacted beauty at a REV Talk hosted by Revenvert on Tuesday 23rd October at Soho House.

The morning talk delved into some largely untouched topics relating to skincare and cosmetics, such as the taboo around ingredients like silicon and petroleum aka petrol.

This talk was followed by an afternoon of beauty demonstrations and a Founder Talk which included some of the most loved natural and organic beauty brands, Amly botanicals, Kure Bazaar, By Sarah London, Saint Iris Adriatica and Kjaer Weis.


organic beauty

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