Our ambition is to ensure that the beauty industry is recognised and valued at all levels of government, throughout the wider economy and by consumers.

The British Beauty Council has three strategic pillars: reputation, education and innovation. We have appointed pillar presidents to drive forward these important areas of work.

We commission and publish reports that gather insights, spark debate, contribute new ideas and highlight the value of the British beauty industry to the UK economy.

Despite our impressive contribution to the British economy and the pleasure and benefit we bring to people’s lives, the beauty industry is both undervalued and underappreciated.

This inaccurate perception belies the wide range of fulfilling, rewarding, well-paid opportunities available in our sector.

The British Beauty Council is working to ensure that the beauty industry is a dynamic and growing sector – encouraging the best talent to enter and thrive, supporting and encouraging brands and entrepreneurs, and positioning the industry as appealing to investors.

To address the beauty industry’s reputation and ensure its continued success, we will:

  • Launch a valuation and outreach programme with policymakers and the public
  • Collaborate with other industry bodies to partner with and refer issues beyond our remit
  • Explore the case for classifying beauty as a creative industry
  • Deliver a wellbeing and mental health programme with media partners to create analysis, understanding and policy recommendations
  • Commission an independent study on diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry, in order to assess issues and challenges as well as celebrating successes and creating future vision
The beauty industry employs millions of people in accessible, creative and flexible jobs. These range from gateway positions in hairdressing to roles researching and designing products and packaging.

However, educational opportunities to study for beauty qualifications are perceived as non-academic and unaspirational and could better serve the needs of both students and the industry.

The British Beauty Council is working to attract the best talent into the industry and equip them with the education and skills that the sector needs.

To improve the quality of beauty education and training available, we will:

  • Inform young people about the breadth of opportunities and careers available in the beauty industry
  • Work with employers to establish workforce development and clear career paths to build and retain talent
  • Research and publish an education paper that maps the courses and training currently available, assesses industry needs, and shows routes to entry at each educational level
  • Produce a careers assessment report detailing career options and entry details
  • Promote beauty careers through advertising, online channels, social influencers, and visiting educational establishments.
Beauty is a future-focused and fast-moving industry that operates where consumer interests meets scientific innovation.

But new technology and sustainability challenges are disrupting traditional industry wisdom while creating new and exciting opportunities.

The British Beauty Council will help the industry navigate these challenges while nurturing the next generation of industry innovators.

To ensure the beauty industry is future-fit, we will:

  • Mentor and support emerging businesses and talent, connecting them to established businesses, providing advice and expertise
  • Explore the sustainability issues that matter most to the industry and wider stakeholders and provide recommendations, guidance and advice to our members
  • Work with British Science Association on British Science Week
  • Attract investors into the industry and create opportunities for them to support emerging brands.

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