What is your Bespoke Banter?

by | May 6, 2020

I was talking to someone today who said that beauty’s digital acumen will be in 10 months where it might have been in 10 years if it wasn’t for COVID-19. – Millie Kendall MBE

Created in 2007, Bespoke Banter has enjoyed over a decade working on the frontline of the digital revolution, empowering brands in their creative film communications. Their areas of expertise fall into three distinct categories. Always…flawless film, films with true purpose, and work with brand ambassadors to ensure strategic, clear messaging. Bespoke have worked with brands such as DecorteGHD and Temperley and Liz Earle.

“Being interviewed by Scott (Bespoke Banter) is just like speaking to an old friend!” – Kate Moss

“(Bespoke Banter’s) charm, warmth, knowledge of the industry and those within it make for a dynamic combination both behind and in front of the camera – it is always a great pleasure and great fun to work with (them).” – Caroline Rush, Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council

Born lovers of truly meaningful conversation, Bespoke Banter have observed the public reaction to ‘Covid-19 Content’ and the tone in which it is currently presented with much interest. Full of heavy emotion, dramatic soundtracks, use of words like ‘we are family’, ‘in this together’ and ‘unprecedented times’ has already started to grate with a brand’s audience, creating an overriding sense of ‘too little, too late!’. It all feels a tad patronising under the circumstances.

At Bespoke, they believe the focus needs to be on your human reaction, you, the company and on your teams who are working from their homes under government guidelines. None of us can recall a moment in history that has felt anywhere close to how we are all feeling now and everyone’s experience is different and every day is a new challenge. This is what your citizen wants to see and relate to. Not the use of actors, voice-over artists and expensive sound design which become another glossy sponsored asset in one’s social feed.

We have all found the online video conferencing community a wonderful crutch to feel connected and heard. With some clever editing and a bit of spit and polish, it’s an incredibly relevant, already in-production and rehearsed communication tool to use to communicate your own, meaningful in-house response to this global pandemic. A real voice in amongst the noise of commercial media!

Bespoke are hosting free consultations for brands looking to create something unique and bespoke to them, working with their amazing ‘stay at home heroes’ who are, by default, the real backbone to the company’s current culture. By bringing us into their homes via video films, they will enable your consumer to get to know you all like never before.

To book your own appointment please contact info@bespokebanter.com and find more of their work at wearebespoke.com.


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