Close Proximity Hair, Beauty and Personal Care

Jun 21, 2020

These past few weeks we have had an increase in messages across all our channels from people working in the hair and beauty industry either asking if they themselves can work or whether it is legal for someone else to do so. This is across hair, beauty, make-up and nails. Often times there is a reference to where these services are being carried out.

We recognise that media and government communications often refer specifically to hair and beauty salons as being closed. This is NOT a clear definition, and it allows for a lot of speculation across a large part of our workforce. From our understanding the reference to salons is merely a generic way for our government, who have little experience with our sector, to talk about us as an industry. From the detailed conversations we have had with Government they are now fully aware of the make-up of our industry (no pun intended), they just don’t publicly express it.

If you work in beauty you will know we operate in salons, retailers, our own homes, other peoples homes, we work in studios, on beaches and in parks, on film and TV sets, hotels, backstage at fashion shows and the theatre. BUT we all work in close proximity to our clients.

WHEN you will go back to work is not at this moment in time being decided on where you perform your services, but how close to the client you are. As lockdown of our sector is eased this might change but for now this is the case.

So any close proximity services in hair, beauty or personal care are at this time not permitted.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we were concerned it was becoming increasing confusing to a lot of people and we wanted to ensure that as an industry we complied with health and safety protocols. We also want to ensure consumer confidence in our industry is at its highest when we do finally return to work.

We hope to get some confirmation of a date to reopen and the finalised Government guidelines very soon. But for now we have been told today on June 21st 2020, by BEIS, Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the following:

” I can confirm that we still do not have a confirmed date for when close contact services including hair and beauty will be able to reopen. I appreciate that the industry would need time to prepare and we are doing our best to get to a position where this information will be provided to you”

To have a look at our suggested industry guidelines that cover hair, beauty, nails, make-up artists, freelancers, mobiles and retail.


NB: These are updated frequently and are NOT Government Guidelines but a summary of those provided by our affiliate board, advisors and patrons.

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