Weleda to launch debut book, ‘Natural Wellness Every Day’

by | Jan 11, 2022

British Beauty Council Patron Weleda is launching their first wellbeing book: ‘Natural Wellness Every Day’. Published this week, on 13th January, the book is written by holistic expert Emine Rushton.

For the past 100 years, Weleda has been at the forefront of developing and creating natural health and wellness products, accumulating a wealth of knowledge along the way.


Written by Emine Rushton, author and holistic therapist, Natural Wellness Every Day is full of insight and tips, as well as recipes for a complete mind-body approach to wellbeing, and draws on 100 years of expertise to bring specialist holistic advice to all – from soothing rituals and natural remedies to the powerful benefits of seasonal self-care. The book educates on the natural powers and uses of certain herbs and flowers, as well as helping to debunk the health and beauty jargon that sometimes exists around sustainability


The book also offers a practical guide on the power of uniting yourself with the natural world and its cycles to offer useful solutions to everyday health and skin dilemmas to promote health and wellbeing throughout the seasons, such as:

  • Nature care – work in harmony with nature to empower your connection to the world

Claire Hattersley, herb gardener for Weleda for over 20 years, explains the principles of biodynamic agriculture; a truly holistic and regenerative method that Weleda have embraced since they first started growing their own medicinal plant ingredients in 1921.

  • Healthcare – find your threefold type and learn how to use the plants around you

Nature’s cycles mirror our own, and the support that you give your body during times of seasonal transition and change needs to be adapted accordingly. Weleda Pharmacist and holistic health expert Evelyn Liddell explains how you can attune your health choices to the seasons and find balance and wellbeing throughout the turning of the year.

  • Skincare – debunk beauty product jargon and follow the seasons to care for your skin

Weleda’s Skin Care Expert Elizabeth King shares insights into how nature’s wisdom can strengthen and support the skin in regaining its health and self-regulatory capacity, throughout its many phases, highlighting plants which can regulate, activate and soothe the skin, as well as self-care rituals to bring inner and outer harmony and promote healthy, radiant skin

  • Self-care – reclaim your rest and explore holistic practices to feed your spirit  

Explaining how different types of stress impact our wellbeing, this section outlines key tips and stress-busting plant allies to help readers manage the trials and tribulations of busy lifestyles.


Natural Wellness Every Day is a complete guide to natural care of earth, skin, self and health, guiding you towards a routine that will activate your wellness from within and care for the planet at the same time.


“We are proud to celebrate Weleda turning 100 by sharing our wisdom for the first time in this complete guide to natural beauty, health and wellbeing. Everything we do at Weleda is to actively reconnect people with nature and we have unique expertise in harnessing natures wisdom to provide a truly integrative approach to wellness. From our most experienced holistic skincare educators to our brilliant biodynamic gardeners, this book captures the inspiration and learnings of our team of committed experts who poured their hearts and souls into each chapter. I hope this book will inspire readers to turn to nature’s wisdom to activate their own wellness from within, every day, and care for the planet at the same time.”

 – Jayn Sterland, Managing Director of Weleda


Natural Wellness Every Day is available from January 13th 2022 from weleda.co.uk, Amazon and all good book stores.

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