Volunteers’ Week 2021

by | Jun 2, 2021

The British Beauty Council is a not-for-profit organisation, who are lucky to have the support of volunteers to help achieve key initiatives across our pillars and .

This week marks Volunteers Week, and in celebration of this we would like to thank volunteers past and present for donating their time, expertise and dedication to the work we do. We spoke with Becky, Clare, Hannah, Phoebe and Roksana to find out more about their experience working with us this year.


“Being part of the British Beauty Council as a volunteer has introduced me to an area of the beauty industry that I didn’t know a lot about. As a makeup artist, it’s amazing to contribute to the wider beauty industry. I love being part of an incredible and supportive team who have such a drive and passion for this industry!”

– Becky


“I have been in the industry for over 16 years and my career has varied from make-up artist, self employed beauty therapist, award winning spa manager and now to an owner of a Welsh wellness brand.
I know from all these roles the importance of having the support from organisations like the British Beauty Council. Especially when you are self employed, it can feel like a lonely place sometimes.
We need organisations to turn to that can help us with up to date legislation or to be a voice for us and help raise issues at government level for our Industry.
Through the pandemic I saw the great work of the British Beauty Council and wanted to do my bit. We are stronger together so I decided to volunteer to pay it forward in our industry.”

– Clare


“Volunteering for the British Beauty Council has been the most rewarding and invaluable experience I could ask for as an aspiring beauty marketer. Working with an incredible team of beauty professionals, outreaching to key industry leaders, and supporting the informative and inspirational events has been an absolute pleasure. My knowledge of the beauty industry has been tested and widened by the range of Clubhouse topics organised including ‘the future of the retail space’, ‘all things digital’, and ‘the success of the reopening’, and I look forward to my next adventure working with the British Beauty Council”

– Hannah


“It’s been an amazing experience volunteering at the British Beauty Council! I’ve learned so much about the British beauty industry and I would love to pursue a career in the sector in the future. I am so thankful to have worked with such a supportive team of people.”

– Phoebe


“Volunteering for the British Beauty Council had really expanded my knowledge on the current situations in the beauty industry and allowed me to work alongside an amazing team of creative individuals”

– Roksana



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