Trend Focus: The Deeper Connection Between Crystals And Beauty Routines by Pretty Analytics

by | Aug 1, 2018

Pantone’s colour of 2018, Ultraviolet, is a deep purple that reflects how magic and spirituality have inspired beauty over the years and will continue to do so beyond 2018. Historically, purple is a powerful colour. There aren’t many shades of purple naturally occurring in nature so it’s often associated with spiritual connection and magic.

Crystals are often used to radiate good vibes and banish negative energy. Many brands have used crystals to bring aspects of mindfulness and mental health into the picture. They appeal emotionally and build a stronger connection between the use of crystals and the self-care movement that we’ve seen define itself over 2018 – fuelling the connection between beauty and wellness. Some may speculate that crystals are a fleeting trend and a marketing ploy but the takeaway is that creating products to help people feel good about themselves is something we will see more of across beauty long term.

Last year, Pretty Analytics highlighted that brands would continue to embrace crystals for their self-care aspects without making big skin beneficial claims and focusing on the wellbeing appeal. There is a rising trend focusing on spirituality, earthly vibrations and being mindful of the energies surrounding us which crystals heavily play into as a reason for crystal infused formulations where scientific evidence of physical results are not present. Pretty Analytics predicts we will see more of over this over the next few years. Crystals are a part of a bigger self-care theme and emotional wellbeing and not necessarily consumers looking for crystal infused skincare to solve their skin concerns.

Within the period of January to July, Pretty Analytics found a 53% increase in content talking about crystals in beauty between 2017-2018. 19% of this content from 2018 focused on using crystals within skincare.


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