The truth behind natural beauty marketing claims

by | Apr 18, 2019

British Beauty Council has spotted a standout good feature in Fashionista which Jessica Yarbrough (DeFino) fact-checked 8 common fear-mongering natural beauty marketing claims.

Among the ‘greenwashing’ clarified by the author – herself a fan of natural skincare – are these: chemical-free skincare is healthier, chemicals in skincare absorb into the bloodstream in 26 seconds, silicones are bad for skin and clog pores, without preservatives skincare goes off, endocrine-disrupting chemicals in skincare may mess with hormones, essential oils cause irritation, the term ‘fragrance’ on ingredient labels can hide dozens of toxic chemicals, formaldehyde is hiding in skincare products, causing cancer and killing skin cells.

See the full article below, definitely one to read and file.


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