The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) publish update for medically related anesthetic procedures

by | Jul 7, 2020

British Beauty Council affiliate The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners  (JCCP), a UK ‘self-regulating’ body for the non-surgical aesthetics and hair restoration sector, has confirmed that the JCCP published guidance for healthcare professionals has been endorsed by the Department of Health and Social Care, Professional Statutory Regulators and Trading Standards Officials.

You can read the JJCP opinion and guidance for healthcare professionals to resume medically-related aesthetic treatments from the 4th of July here.

The JCCP advises that registered healthcare clinicians can practise if: 

  • Are acting in your capacity as a regulated healthcare professional
  • Patient safety and public protection is placed as a primary concern
  • Perform an individual patient assessment and associated risk assessment which leads to a clinical determination (arrived at through the application of the Practitioner’s clinical judgment) that confirms that the rationale for the provision of the procedure is medically related .i.e having a pre-assessed and intended benefit with regard to the patient’s physical and/or psychological health, rather than being purely cosmetic in nature
  • Undertake the treatment from clinical rather than beauty premises 
  • Undertake the procedure in accordance with published JCCP guidance and ensure that appropriate patient safety precautions are in place 
  • Ensure that you are insured for the procedure that you intend to perform 

In these circumstances, the JCCP would not consider these services to be elective or aesthetic ‘beauty-related services’ and will support its members in their decision to open from the 4th July for the performance of medically related aesthetic treatments. This decision also corresponds with the advice received from professional statutory regulators. 


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