The Business of Beauty: elevate your business with design and branding

by | May 23, 2022

“I can often be heard saying there’s no excuse for bad design”, British Beauty Council CEO Millie Kendall OBE opens. In conversation with her is Jessica Witenberg, from women-owned product development agency twelveNYC, discussing how businesses can establish their identity and leverage their equity through branding, design and merchandising.

From gifting with purchase (GWP) to a branded digital experience, Jessica explains that when it comes to design, you need to be twelve steps ahead. Bringing a brand’s story to life through different design aspects can be an integral aspect of elevating the awareness of consumer or client within the market.


Businesses from across the hair, beauty and wellness industry can utilise design and branding to become a recognisable name which is not only desirable, but covetable too. Through offering merchandise, your clients, or customers, are receiving something over and above the service, or product, they come to you for. Adding value to their experience, which will ultimately encourage greater retention and repeat purchasing. These additional touchpoints created through merchandising are creating connections which go beyond the everyday. In turn, fostering loyalty, creating a community and elevating your brand story.


Beyond the brand, the benefits include opening a new revenue stream. This new revenue stream further opens your community to welcome new clients or customers, who otherwise may not have accessed your business before. Moreover, this democratisation of your brand can help to drive social media buzz and engagement, which can be an impactful promotional tool to further elevate your business.


It’s important that you have branding guidelines, which ensure consistency in messaging and aesthetics – this includes brand fonts, colours and logo usage – to enable your business to move to the next level.


Closing the session, Millie and Jessica discuss what should be avoided when it comes to branding, design and merchandising. In short, avoid poor quality design and products.


Watch the full Business of Beauty webinar below:


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