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The Sustainable Beauty Coalition exists to:

  • Actively encourage and strengthen one collective industry voice to accelerate collaboration, knowledge and bolder collective efforts.
  • Act to create stronger frameworks and policies for the beauty sector in the UK with sustainability and green credentials as a central focus.
  • Proactively collaborate with other bodies to coordinate and accelerate the beauty industry response to sustainability.
  • Develop and implement a clear strategy, roadmap and initiatives to accelerate our climate positive-impact.
  • Champion the Green Economy and Green Recovery utilising existing and potential networks.
  • Champion the work of the industry and secure government support for further green initiatives.
  • Work with government towards its net zero by 2050 commitment.


Planet Positive Beauty Guide

Together with independent experts from across the industry, The British Beauty Council’s Sustainable Beauty Coalition has developed the Planet Positive Beauty Guide to decode the jargon with straightforward descriptions of the words most often used by the beauty industry – helping you understand some of the key issues and suggest some things to look for.

Spanning ingredients, packaging, ingredients and sourcing, the guide is designed to tackle greenwashing and teach consumers the right signs and accreditations to look for when shopping for beauty. Click the buttons below to learn more:

The Plastic Solutions Summit – Four Pillar Plastic Pledge 

The Sustainable Beauty Coalition is working to formulate a blueprint for a new approach to plastic use in all beauty sectors. Through its Plastic Solutions Summit, it hopes to bring together business leaders from across industry – the largest FMCGs and the most indie SMEs – to figure out a scalable system to tackle plastic waste. 

Below is the four pillar Plastic Pledge which is set to be put in action by the SBC:

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As part of its commitment to sustainability, The British Beauty Council has signed up to the government’s Climate Pledge via the SME Climate Hub, an initiative developed in conjunction with the United Nations Race to Zero Campaign. The campaign provides tools and resources to help small businesses take action, measure and communicate their progress towards reducing their emissions. You can also sign up here.

The Sustainable Beauty Coalition is governed by a charter, you can download it here



I want you to keep me up-to-date on the work of the Sustainable Beauty Coalition and what is happening in the area of sustainable beauty.

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