Sustainability & responsibility: twelveNYC report 2021

by | May 5, 2021

British Beauty Council Patron twelveNYC are giving British Beauty Council Members access to their 2nd annual Sustainability & Responsibility Report.

Founded in 2005, twelveNYC creates expertly designed and thoughtfully curated merchandise stories and experiences. twelveNYC are proudly 100% women-owned, with a 94% female makeup across their global offices in Brooklyn, London, and Hong Kong.


Headquartered in London, the EMEA team works within a multitude of markets, including Europe, UK and the Middle East, benefitting from access to global supply chains. Their robust understanding of the tastes and trends in these unique markets is reflected in both their impressive product offerings and relationships with local and regional clients.



Sustainability is an ever-evolving commitment for twelveNYC. It’s woven into everything we do – from seeking the latest solutions for the offices they occupy, the products we design, and the stories they deliver for their clients. They believe that a sustainably minded product should never have to compromise design integrity, and with that, twelveNYC are pleased to share their 2nd Annual Sustainability & Responsibility Report.

  • twelveNYC offset 100% of carbon emissions on all shipments globally and domestically in partnership with FedEx, UPS and CarbonFund.
  • twelveNYC in-house sustainability team provides life-cycle analysis, certification research, material data sheets, consulting for client programs & much more. 
  • They believe that sustainably driven design should never have to sacrifice style.


Access the twelveNYC report here.

To learn more about how the in-house team can add value to your equation, reach out:

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