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by | Mar 6, 2023

With aesthetics licensing imminent, the JCCP and CPSA have launched a survey to collect vital evidence on client experience to present to the Government

Following confirmation from the government that licensing of non-surgical procedures will be implemented, the JCCP and CPSA have launched a survey designed to collect evidence on client experiences. The independent study – launched in collaboration with University College London – will be presented to the government and will likely shape what future legislation looks like. 

Designed to gather anecdotal and empirical data on individual experiences following Botulinum Toxin injections, the survey takes less than ten minutes to complete. This is so that it reaches, and is completed by, as many clients as possible.

The survey covers topics including client aftercare, awareness of current regulations, and complications. It’s backed by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons David Zargaran and Professor Ash Mosahebi, who will be collating the results for publication in April 2023. 

The results will be part of the evidence which will shape the Department of Health and Social Care’s non-surgical procedure license. It’s thought that the scheme will cover treatments including ‘injectable toxins, dermal fillers, vitamin infusions, platelet-rich plasma replacement therapy, invasive chemical peels, a range of laser and light procedures and hair restoration surgery’.

On the legislation, Victoria Brownlie, Chief Policy Officer at the British Beauty Council, said: ‘Actual regulation of the industry is few and far between if you aren’t a registered medical practitioner which leads to huge disparity in standards of practice. That’s what we are pushing the Government to change. Now that they have committed to licensing, there will be a level playing field which will make it law to ensure that every client is safe and that the correct safeguarding is carried out before, during, and after procedures.’

The government committed to further regulation of non-surgical procedures in the Health and Care Act 2022. Although policymakers are unable to meet the industry’s initial deadline of July 2022, they are working with trade bodies to draw up the licensing framework. It’s hoped that legislation will be introduced by the end of 2023. 

Speaking at Professional Beauty London, Dawn Knight, JCCP Ambassador and Client Advocate said: ‘Every health-related industry wanted to attach something to the updated Health and Care Act, it was the biggest shake-up since its inception. And, we got licensing over the line… If the industry wants to be taken seriously, for all of the fantastic work that it does, there needs to be a licence.’

To ensure the Government has enough evidence to shape legislation that suits both practitioners and clients, it’s important that as many people complete UCL’s survey. 


Take the survey today


Photographed by The Voorhes, via Allure

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