SME Climate Hub and Normative launch the ‘Business Carbon Calculator’

by | Mar 30, 2022

Created to help small businesses understand their emissions, and to estimate the company’s full carbon footprint, the Business Carbon Calculator is powered by Normative and offered for free through the SME Climate Hub.

Normative report that small businesses can have a “large carbon footprint, due in part to their prevalence in the value chains of larger companies. But with limited funding and staff, small businesses face an uphill battle to achieve carbon reduction”. This is why they have created the Business Carbon Calculator, which is optimised for smaller businesses with up to 50 employees, and a turnover of less than €10M.


How does the calculator work? (source: SME Climate Hub)

  1. Create a business profile
    • Build an overview of your business by adding basic information about your size, sector, and market.
  2. Add your business data
    • Add more detail about your electricity, heating, and fuel use, as well as how much you spend on things like travel, computers, or furniture.
  3. See your emissions
    • View a personalised dashboard with a detailed breakdown of your current emissions, and continue your carbon reduction journey.


The Business Carbon Calculator helps small businesses take their first steps towards carbon reduction. Through using data the business already has on hand, the Business Carbon Calculator then estimates the carbon footprint of the business’s direct and indirect emissions. This information is displayed in intuitive data visualisations which let the business identify emissions hotspots, providing a roadmap for reductions.


“The Business Carbon Calculator has given us the opportunity to accurately and quickly measure our emissions, which in turn has enabled us to set realisitc and measureable target for reduction.”

– Steph Harris, Practice Manager, Betteridge & Milsom Ltd


Find out more about the Business Carbon Calculator here.

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