Sam McKnight ‘bottles his genius’ for new haircare line

by | Aug 30, 2022

Tested at fashion shows, cover shoots and on red carpets, Sam McKnight’s new seven-piece haircare range is designed to achieve fashionably effortless hair 

British Beauty Council’s Advisory Board member Sam McKnight has been busy this year. Just one month after the launch of his exclusive NFTs, the renowned hair stylist has released his first line of haircare products. Featuring two shampoos, conditioners, a conditioning balm and a treatment mask, the line is specifically formulated to target various hair needs. 

Whether you have fine hair that needs washing daily or curly locks that need cleansing twice a week, the products are made from results-driven botanical ingredients that harness scientific innovation.

Speaking exclusively to the British Beauty Council, McKnight says: ‘I’m so excited to be launching my new haircare collection. Seven high-performance formulations have been designed and formulated to be my go-to essentials in my kit.’

Hair by Sam McKnight has been in styling kits for the last five years thanks to its efficacious and easy-to-use dry styling sprays. The Modern Hairspray, Cool Girl, Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo, and Easy Up Do sprays encourage everyone to make the most out of their best accessory, whatever their hair type. 

Remember the croissant hairstyles created for the 2016 Chanel haute couture show? Or, the coloured feathered fringes at Dries Van Noten’s Spring/Summer show in 2020? These looks relied on McKnight’s styling mists and dry shampoos that have been runway staples since their launch. 

The same success is set for McKnight’s new collection which is designed to slide into your current routine seamlessly. 

The Light Cleanse and Light Nourish shampoo and conditioner are lightweight formulas that bust dirt and nurture the scalp but don’t strip hair. The conditioner also works to fight frizz with active biopolymers. 

Looking for wash products that treat coloured hair? The Rich shampoo and conditioner are perfect thanks to their nourishing, replenishing and dye-friendly ingredients. 

McKnight has ticked the curly girl box with a co-wash product that combines the cleansing properties of shampoo and the smoothing manageability of a conditioner. If you need more nourishment, there are two finishing products, a deep nourishing mask and a multitasking conditioner balm that can be used as a primer or a style finisher. 

Knowing that all women have two go-to hairstyles, a pulled-back look for non-wash days or a more elevated style for when they have time, the products will encourage you to push your hair to new limits. 

Sam McKnight says: ‘I believe every woman could have at least four looks in her repertoire that she can pull out of the bag fast and effortlessly, and I want to help her discover what those four looks could be.’ 

You can view all of the products here.

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