Revieve become Patron of British Beauty Council

by | Dec 23, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Revieve have become a Patron of the British Beauty Council.

We spoke with Revieve Director of Partnerships, Camilo Facundo Pirillo, to find out more about the brand, to see what excites them about the British beauty industry, and why they wanted to become a Patron.


As a new Patron, it would be great to find out more about the brand:


Revieve is a global beauty technology leader derived from the ever-evolving beauty industry market needs, to digitally  transform the customer experience and empower beauty brands and retailers to deliver a digitally-driven, personalized brand experience. Today, Revieve ‘powered-by’ solutions are used by the biggest and most impactful beauty brands and retailers globally, such as Shiseido, A.S. Watson, No7 Beauty Company, Yon-Ka, Higher Education, and more. Revieve’s inclusive and realistic beauty tech solutions powered by AI/AR are used by millions globally.

This is precisely how Revieve has digitally transformed the customer experience for skincare and colour cosmetics across five continents: through its proprietary technology, the Revieve Health-Beauty-Wellness Platform leveraging state-of-the-art AI/AR technology.


With Revieve’s advanced computer vision technology and sophisticated AI algorithms, brands and retailers  can build and activate skin and beauty customer profiles, allowing them to effectively manage and sync valuable data from multiple sources and transform them into actionable insights for instant personalization in real-time.


In a nutshell, we personalize search, product discovery, and shopping experiences with easy-to-use self-diagnostic modules, delivering consumers targeted products, services, and treatments. Revieve’s trusted powered-by modules include the AI Skincare Advisor, AI Makeup Advisor, AI Suncare Advisor, and AI Nutrition Advisor.


What excites you about the British beauty industry?


The UK has always been a home to several international market leaders along with recognized cosmetics and retail brands, but, more crucially, it’s home to innovation, bringing the best of digital, data, research, technology, and people. And it is exciting to see that the UK takes the global top spot for beauty, skincare, and cosmetics products driven by a highly innovative British beauty culture and social networks.


As the leaders in terms of brand, design and product innovation, Brits set the tone for the rest of the world. Undoubtedly, British customers are trendsetters – from overall wellbeing to beauty, skincare to hair, make-up, and nails – their beauty love knows no bounds. Always seeking that latest beauty buzz, British customers are the hair, skincare, and cosmetic crème de la crème for most of the leading beauty brands and retailers.


Last but not least, the British smart, state-of-the-art, and straightforward beauty is setting the new standard around the globe thanks to the British Beauty Council – the first-ever formal group representing the UK beauty industry!


We are delighted to have you on board, why did you want to become a Patron of the British Beauty Council?


We are thrilled that we can play an active role in supporting the British Beauty Council’s mission to bring positive change to the beauty industry, and we are proud to bring our technology expertise to the Council. As a leading organization representing the voices and needs of the British beauty industry with a strong commitment to elevating education, fostering innovation, and promoting healthy beauty standards, we align in our values and strategic focuses as a collective. We believe that our collaboration will promote a positive change to the future of beauty and drive excellence across the industry and the leaders in this space.


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