Réduit become a Patron of the British Beauty Council

by | Jul 14, 2021

The British Beauty Council are pleased to introduce you to their new Patron RÉDUIT.

Paul Peros, CEO of RÉDUIT

We spoke with Paul Peros, CEO of RÉDUIT, to find out more about the brand, what excites them about the beauty industry, and why they wanted to become a Patron.


As a new Patron, it would be great to find out more about the brand:


RÉDUIT was founded in 2019 – the brand is new, but our work on enhanced delivery technologies started almost 20 years ago.

RÉDUIT was created with one vision: to revolutionise the everyday beauty routine. We use our proprietary enhanced delivery technology to really push active skin and hair ingredients deep into the layers, exactly where you need them. We’ve created a skin and haircare system that is 100% painless, yet is giving injectable grade performance with the health of the hair and skin at the forefront.

We started in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, with the dream of creating truly superior beauty products. From performance to sustainability and user-friendliness, we design products that truly elevate the everyday.

Find out more about RÉDUIT technology.

Neuchâtel and Suisse Romande are the centre of both micro-technologies best known from the watch industry, as well as a number of world renowned luxury cosmetics laboratories.

In French ‘Reduit’ means ‘reduced’. We reduce packaging. Amplify results. Reduce time. Amplify efficacy. Reduce steps. Amplify beauty.

RÉDUIT was inspired by nature.  Somewhat different than is common: rather than focusing on specific plants, or extracts, we are fascinated by integrating nature’s core principles in our innovation.  Magnetic fields, for example, are key to our products’ performance, but at the same time, these are the very same ones that make life on earth possible in the first place by protecting our planet from solar radiation.


You’ve recently been nominated for the Cult Beauty Haul of Fame, in the Most Innovative Product category, which is a great testament to your brand. What’s next for RÉDUIT?


First plan is to do all the things we planned to do!

Second plan is to invent more world-firsts along the way to shape and disrupt the industry as we know it. This is the beginning of the RÉDUIT story and who knows how far we will be in two years but we are excited to see!


We are excited to have you on board, why did you want to become a Patron of the British Beauty Council?


Everything is a design for learning. Every day is a continuation of expecting the unexpected and simply dealing with it. When you’re focused on innovation for a product, an industry, a ‘new normal’ even – then you need the ability to go from one place to the right place and we do this every day. While at RÉDUIT, we take these leaps every day, it’s a collective effort and belief for everyone in the industry.

We wanted to become a patron of the British Beauty Council because we believe in listening and then listening again. We surround ourselves in knowledge from our peers, industry, customers, research, feedback and staying ahead of the curve. Becoming a Patron allows us to tap into all of the above and of course, share our own knowledge to others.


To find out more about Réduit, click here to visit their website.

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