Provenance launches transparency directory to help consumers ‘shop their values’

by | Nov 21, 2022

Provenance’s new transparency directory sets out accessible, trustworthy information about origin, journey and impact of more than 200 beauty and health products.

The listings help consumers to make conscious decisions about their purchases from BYBI Beauty to Urban Decay

This morning, supply chain transparency experts Provenance launched a world-first transparency directory. The digital platform unpicks the supply chain of some of the most coveted beauty products before diverting eco-aware consumers to brands’ sites to buy.

Acting as an educational and planet-friendly middle-man, the dynamic and interactive website lays bare brands’ certifications and evidenced claims when it comes to social and planetary sustainability.

Want to find out whether the Sunday Riley Vitamin C Cream is PETA and Leaping Bunny certified or whether Medik8 is really doing its bit for climate? The transparency directory will tell you in less than three clicks. Don’t worry – they are.

From rooting out female-founded businesses to bolstering B-corp brands for their ongoing work, the supply chain encyclopedia allows beauty lovers to drive change through their purchasing power.

This development comes just after the release of Provenance’s ‘Skin Deep Beauty’ report. The white paper showed that although consumers are determined to buy better, 80% have doubts about whether to trust the industry’s sustainability claims.

To combat this distrust, Provenance works with brands to digitise any third party certifications or to attach evidence to their claims. That’s why the signifiers you see on the new transparency directory may ring some bells, they have been used to back up product claims on Cult Beauty for some time too.

The team also utilises blockchain technology via its ‘Proof Point Inspector’ to chart the entire certification map of products we all know and love. Whether you need to know the date of when products received their accolade or when brand’s claims legally come to an end,  Ethereum allows you to do so.


Here’s how the transparency directory works:

1. Search for brands directly using the search bar
2. Filter all brands by impact category (e.g. Vegan), by product category, or by partner retailers
3. Explore brands’ social and environmental impact via their brand profile (featuring their brand and product level Proof Points) and click on relevant links to purchase.

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