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To help consumers navigate through the minefield of baffling ingredient jargon and confusing claims, the British Beauty Council’s Sustainable Beauty Coalition has created the Planet Positive Beauty Guide (version 1) – a definitive industry guide featuring easy-to-digest information to help consumers make greener beauty choices more confidently.

Drawing on a transparency framework from Provenance, it includes a comprehensive list of claims often made by the beauty industry and straightforward descriptions to help consumers understand what to look for (and to avoid) when shopping for beauty products.

The Planet Positive Beauty Guide also highlights certifications and third-party verification that shoppers can easily check for, to ensure brands can back up their eco-claims, and are not therefore greenwashing their products.

How to get involved

We’ve prepared a toolkit for you to help us spread the message on your website and social media.

  1. Download the social media assets and GIFs, and share across your platforms, tagging #PlanetPositiveBeautyGuide, @britishbeautycouncil and @sustainablebeautycoalition.
  2. Download and display the QR code for the Planet Positive Beauty Guide on your website, email signature or shop window.
  3. Or, to feature the Planet Positive Beauty Guide on your website get in touch at!

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