The tide is turning

More and more of us want to ‘do the right thing’. We want to make smarter and more sustainable consumption choices so that we tread more lightly on the planet.

After a year and a half of living in a global pandemic – often referred to as ‘The Great Pause’ – we have been gifted the time to think about the products we want to consume and the brands we want to support – kind to people and also to the planet.

The challenge, however, is steering a path through a mist of confusion. What do all those baffling and jargon-filled claims mean? Is ‘natural’ really natural? What exactly is ‘zero waste’? How can we be sure something that says it is organic IS organic? And a concern that bothers most beauty- hounds: how can we be sure our products have not harmed animals, en route to our bathroom shelf or make-up bag?

None of us want to fall prey to greenwashing by having the wool pulled over our eyes by brands with flimsy eco- credentials. Indeed, this is what drove the British Beauty Council to create the Planet Positive Beauty Guide. The organisation is magnetising key figures from across the worlds of haircare, skincare and make-up to work together to find clever solutions to the challenges of creating more sustainable lotions, potions and packaging for us all to enjoy.

There is absolutely no question that beauty plays an important role in our well-being. The rituals of applying make-up or massaging in a body lotion – never mind lying back in scented, warm waters – helps us rebalance and recharge. Cleansing, moisturising, and shaving can sometimes be the only time we have to ourselves. By applying the tools provided in the Planet Positive Beauty Guide, we can enjoy these simple pleasures without harming the planet.

Because you know, it really is all about the planet, the inanimate lump of rock we happen to live on. Some years ago, the environmentalist Vandana Shiva was asked: ‘Do you think it’s too late to save the planet?’ She smiled sagely and replied: ‘The planet will be fine without us’.

The following pages demystify the world of sustainable beauty, offering a brilliant how-to for everyone who wants to enjoy their beauty rituals without adding a large dollop of eco-guilt along with their bath oil.

The world of beauty takes such good care of us. Now it is our time to show we care…

Jo Fairley

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