Plans to Reinvent Oxford Street Released

by | Feb 19, 2021

The City of Westminster Council has released plans to reinvent Oxford Street following a fifth of stores shutting permanently.

Oxford Street, London, falls in the City of Westminster; the Council have now published plans to update one of the nation’s most-popular high streets.


Approximately 200 million people visit Oxford Street annually, with 70% arriving by Underground. The Oxford Street District is home to 38,000 residents, and employs over 155,000.



What is in the Planning Framework for Reinventing Oxford Street? 




“The Oxford Street District will be an exemplar for sustainable city-making and a test-bed for pioneering approaches. A green, clean destination where signature green spaces and nature may be found across all buildings and streets. A world-class neighbourhood with clean air and streets, zero-carbon energy and transport, with locally sourced produce, and thriving businesses in a circular economy. A habitat for wildlife and a haven for city-dwellers, this will be a place to explore and experience, rather than to simply pass through”.




“A district that reinforces its position as a world-class destination, anchored in its rich legacy of innovation. A hotbed for experimentation that showcases smart city-making and leverages new opportunities. A dynamic and creative urban quarter which is responsive to, and creating change in, technology, retail, culture, working practices and social trends, shaped by collaboration and intelligent design”.




“A centre of commerce that continuously adapts to change by unlocking the potential of its existing civic spaces. A future district that showcases the unique character of local neighbourhoods, while strengthening connections with the extensive commercial, cultural and leisure offerings of the West End as a whole”.




“A vibrant and inclusive neighbourhood in which people of all ages and backgrounds are proud to visit, live, work and play. A unique place where strong partnerships maximise the potential of the district’s broad and diverse attractions, amenities and experiences of modern city life”.



In a press release, The City of Westminster Council explain some highlights from the proposals for longer term improvements:

  • Focusing investment in the district on three strategically defined areas (Oxford Circus & Bond Street, Marble Arch and also East Oxford Street), with benefits rippling out across the whole District and West End.
  • Cleaner air across the District through world class sustainability initiatives to tackle climate change, with a huge greening programme, a pedestrian first approach and zero emission transport network
  • Exploring new models of living and working, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises to establish themselves and reusing and reimagining existing buildings
  • Delivering world-class public realm with a strong focus on play
  • Strengthening the area’s positioning as a global centre for culture, arts, leisure and creative industries


Read more about the plans here.


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