‘Ones to watch: MALE BEAUTY’

by | Nov 20, 2019

Our patron WGSN takes a look into 5 pioneering male beauty brands. See below our highlights from their report.


“Subscription skincare, high-performance cosmetics and a new approach to fragrance are just three of the most important new innovations in male beauty. Traditional approaches to the male grooming market are being reinvented. Broadening definitions of masculinity, spurred on by a new wave of outspoken male personalities that are sharing in an attempt to break stereotypes, see the market set to hit a value of $166bn in less than three years, according to Allied Market Research.


Ceylon: the one for men of colour


Ceylon is a three-step skincare brand designed specifically for men of colour. Those with darker skin have different skincare requirements to those with caucasian skin, but the majority of the brands on the market in the West don’t cater to them. Products for darker skin often include bleaching and whitening agents, which dry it out and contribute to long-term damage.


Fabric: the one with the subscription service


Fabric offers a simplified skincare routine for men looking to tend to their skin without complications. To use the two-product system, consumers can sign up for monthly deliveries of the brand’s cleansing product, Honesty Face Wash and Integrity Face Moisturizer. Its advice is to use each one every day to maintain the skin’s health. The formulas are focused on key active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and jojoba oil, designed to hydrate, protect against UV exposure, and smooth and soften the complexion.


Shakeup Cosmetics: the one with the hybrid formulas


Founded by twin brothers Shane Carnell-Xu and Jake Xu, Shakeup Cosmetics is a hybrid make-up and skincare line that’s been developed specifically for male skin types. As Jake told WGSN, “We believe make-up has no gender, but skin does. Studies have found that men’s skin is different to women’s in four main ways: it’s roughly 20-25% thicker than women’s; we have more pores and they’re larger; we produce more sebum so our skin tends to be more oily; and daily shaving removes the upper layer of our skin so it’s much more sensitive and reactive to breakouts.” As a result, the brothers refute the messaging from some beauty brands that all skincare works for both women and men.


Alden: the one with subtle scents


Alden is trying to turn the male fragrance market on its head. Dominated by pungent colognes and heady scents, Alden is taking a subtler approach to the category with an array of natural, vegan, alcohol-free and clean fragrances.


Pilot: the one addressing male mental health


Based in Australia, Pilot has tapped into the ever-growing market of health-focused D2C male wellness brands that came into focus after the launch of Hims in 2017. Pilot provides access to qualified doctors online that prescribe courses of treatments for erectile dysfunction and hair loss among other concerns. Prescriptions are delivered directly to a customer’s door.”

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