NHBF Publishes Guidelines to Hair & Beauty Salons & Barbers for Reopening

by | May 18, 2020

British Beauty Council affiliate, the National Hair & Beauty Federation (NHBF) has now published their guidelines on the reopening of hair and beauty businesses.

The guidance covers several areas to help salon and beauty business owners and employees in the return to business, addressing:

  • Preparations before reopening
  • Health and safety upon reopening
  • Guidance on home appointments
  • Financial control
  • Guidelines for chair, space and room renters
  • Employee issues and employment law
  • and back to business resources.

We share some key takeouts on Beauty Bytes below:

Risk Assessment is Essential
NHBF advocate that salons must carry out a risk assessment before reopening. As part of this risk assessment, it should involve consultation with employees. Listen to their concerns and act on any suggestions that will help everyone to manage their work as safely as possible. The results of the risk assessment should then be shared with staff.

As an NHBF Member, you can download a reopening risk assessment for salon/barbershop use. See the bottom of this post for membership details.

Decide how to Manage Demand
With beauty concerns being number three on consumers’ priority lists, expect the demand for services to be significant. With this in mind, you will need to have a plan in place to help protect staff and clients alike, while ensuring you are following guidelines and restrictions. NHBF shares a list of key considerations, including how many clients you can feasibly fit in each day if social distancing limits the number; how to consider and manage the most elderly or vulnerable (e.g. pregnant / underlying health conditions) clients; and shift and team splits.

Taking Financial Control
NHBF highlights the understanding that many salons and barbershops will be facing a tricky financial future in the reopening and rebuilding of their businesses. They provide excellent advice on:

  • Getting control of your cash flow
  • Ensuring your pricing structure is right, given the investment to meet the new measures
  • Ways to boost your retail sales.

In addition, they offer:

  • A free 15-minute business coaching phone call to Members and special fixed-rate coaching support on an ongoing basis
  • No to low-cost ideas for marketing
  • and an in-depth guide on prices and profitability.

To access the full guidelines, get in touch via phone: 01234 831965 or email: enquiries@nhbf.co.uk.

As a NHBF Member you’ll always have access to help, information and advice. This includes:

  • Free practical support and guidance for managing people and running your business
  • Crucial 24/7 legal lifeline
  • Free treatment room/area renting agreements
  • Valuable discounts on business essentials including insurance
  • and free 24/7 commercial law support.

Find out more at: www.nhbf.co.uk.

The British Beauty Council Disclaimers
These suggested guidelines reflect an industry that wants to return to work safely and have been created with experts in each industry field and are advisory only. They are also suggested in order to give the consumer confidence to buy our services and goods. If you require more information or have any questions please get in touch by emailing British Beauty Council at joinme@britishbeautycouncil.com. The British Beauty Council will review and update these suggested guidelines regularly and accordingly based on government guidelines and a review of our partners specific guidelines.

These guidelines do not constitute legal requirement, have not been agreed with the UK Government and do not imply or incur any liability to the British Beauty Council. These guidelines are written with a view of protecting our partners, their staff and customers with their health & safety being the number one priority and are based on expert and public knowledge as of 18.05.20. Businesses should continue to check local government websites and guidelines for the most up to date recommendations.

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