MONAT® Gratitude Announces New UK Ambassadors

by | Nov 24, 2020

British Beauty Council Patron MONAT has announced Market Partners, Paola Bizzaro and Bukie Adebola-Ezeh, as its new UK Gratitude Ambassadors.

The role of UK Gratitude Ambassador will see them share awareness of the MONAT® Gratitude scheme, alongside 20 ambassadors in the USA and Canada.


MONAT® Gratitude has also just donated almost £11,000 to two UK based charities: the people powered grass roots movement and British Beauty Council Affiliate, Beauty Banks founded by journalist Sali Hughes and PR and Brand Consultant Jo Jones, and breast cancer charity Future Dreams, as part of the MONAT® Gratitude initiatives.


MONAT® Gratitude is the philanthropic movement behind MONAT® Global, and has been an integral piece of company culture since the brands inception in 2014. This movement has grown from the founding Urdaneta family’s commitment to instilling gratitude as a core company value. MONAT® Gratitude collaborates with innovative non-profit organisations in its local communities that support efforts under its three pillars: Families, Children and Education. As a movement, MONAT® Gratitude believes in the power of creating conversations and inspiring a greater network to take action. Due to the passion of MONAT® Market Partners and commitment to making gratitude a part of their business, what started as a series of grassroots volunteering efforts in Miami has spread across the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Poland.


“Giving back is a core objective for MONAT® and our Gratitude movement.  However, it isn’t just about raising money, we encourage our Market Partners to get really involved in their local communities and make a true difference.  Throughout the year, as a company and individually, we are undertaking a mix of fundraising through product sales, collating and donating gifts, spending time with those less fortunate, and helping in care homes or charitable organisations.  We are very excited that Paola and Bukie will be proactively coordinating even more ideas and activities in 2021 so our 8,000+ strong team can get behind and support.  We’ve donated thousands of products this year and raised tens of thousands of pounds for charities in the UK and it was a pleasure to support both Beauty Banks and Future Dreams with their outstanding work in supporting those in need especially during this difficult times,” explains MONAT® UK Gratitude Manager, Chloe Langer


Find out more about MONAT® Gratitude here.

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