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by | Jan 7, 2021

twelveNYC are one of British Beauty Council’s amazing Patrons, in this piece we explore the work they do as a business, what they love about the beauty industry and why they wanted to become a Patron.

twelveNYC is a women-led business which ‘make merchandise that brings your brand to life’.


Earlier this year, we launched twelvePPE alongside twelveNYC, which is a service to ensure you have access to accessible, compliant, and cost-effective PPE. 95% of the PPE on offer via twelvePPE is UK-made; neither twelveNYC or British Beauty Council profit from this service.



We spoke with the team at twelveNYC’s London office about the business, what excites them most about the beauty industry, and why they wanted to become a British Beauty Council Patron.


Who are twelveNYC, and what work do you do as a company?


Established in 2005, twelveNYC is a global products and merchandise business, with offices on 3 continents in New York, London, Hong Kong and coming soon…Los Angeles. From ideation to delivery, we curate and create private label products, gifts-with-purchase and promotional merchandise uniquely tailored to each client’s story. A true specialist within the beauty industry, we work with multiple global beauty brands, start-ups and D2C brands whilst also providing services like our PPE website to help the British beauty industry. 


We are 100% women-owned and have a 91% female global employee make-up. Our London office opened in 2017 with a focus on the European beauty market, our global production muscle allows competitive advantage and our European supply chains enable quick turn-around products for our clients. We create sustainable trend-led designs and in every project, we seed and consider the holistic lifespan of a product: reusability, quality, longevity & dual purpose.



What parts of the British beauty industry excite you the most?  


Sustainability within the industry is at the forefront of what excites us the most. A thoughtfully designed product is sustainable in itself. Creating with intention, we present products that have multi-use and reusability. Alongside this, the emergence of new British wellness and sustainably driven brands that have strong voices coming in to disrupt the beauty industry and of course, the continuous partnerships with our beauty clients and the extensive range of products we are creating for them. We really want to create a lifestyle around their brands whether that be through gifts-with-purchase or promotional items.


Why did you want to become a Patron of the British Beauty Council?


It was a natural decision for us to join the British Beauty Council as we work with an abundance of beauty brands and wanted to support the industry by providing expertise in product development and innovation. We are also in awe of Millie, the driving force of the British beauty industry, pulling in key players and creating an open and welcoming space for an industry that matters. We are a proud patron and support the ethos and the values of the British Beauty Council and look forward to a flourishing twelveNYC x British Beauty Council collaboration and partnership, driving growth and supporting awareness within the British beauty industry. 



What are you looking forward to, as a company, in 2021?


As consumers are becoming more conscious on their purchases, we’re excited to bring to life products that continue to tell each brands individual story with sustainability in mind.


twelveNYC will continue moving towards a holistically sustainable operation, and plan to remain focused on transparency and diversity as we continue to grow and evolve. We will continue to expand our EU/UK capabilities with locally made products and continue supporting the British Beauty Council on providing cost-effective PPE through a digital webstore platform and helping the industry regenerate into 2021. 


To support the British beauty industry during Covid-19, we partnered with the British Beauty Council to build a dedicated webstore offering cost effective PPE directly to the industry. Our aim is to help, support and nurture the British beauty industry during this difficult time by servicing the local beauty community, UK beauty retailers and beauty industry professionals who have been impacted during this time. Our dedicated webstore has been developed to enable store and salon owners access to PPE effectively. 


Find out more about twelvePPE here.

If you are interested in becoming a British Beauty Council Patron, find out more here.

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