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by | Jan 15, 2021

We would love to introduce you all to one of our amazing Patrons, Foundation.

We spoke with Gareth James, Director of Foundation, to find out more about the organisation, their love of the beauty industry and what they’re looking forward to in 2021.


Who are Foundation, and what work do you do as a company? 


Foundation is a team of digital marketers with decades of experience in the beauty sector, that uses performance marketing techniques to facilitate growth. Foundation covers a number of specialist services, including paid media, content marketing, digital PR, affiliate marketing and SEO. The agency formed after Google data in May 2020 showed that there was a huge shift in online user behaviour due to the pandemic, and alongside it was a surge in beauty and skincare, with 70% of consumers saying they now buy beauty products online more than ever before. This is evidenced by a 50% web traffic increase globally for the beauty sector.


With access to the latest industry data to inform digital strategies, Foundation will help make sure beauty and skincare brands are targeting the right audiences, creating effective content and spending their marketing budgets in the most efficient way.


The agency is a hand-picked team of experts with extensive experience in helping ambitious beauty brands such as Benefit Cosmetics, Fresh Cosmetics, Morphe and Spectrum Collections.


Image credit: Foundation


What parts of the British beauty industry excites you most? 


There is an immense enthusiasm for beauty in general, which was a huge factor in us launching Foundation, but in addition, we feel there’s a real opportunity for British beauty brands to grow, and we can help. 


Brands are more health and eco conscious than ever, which is leading them down a path of innovation, which will take the British beauty industry from strength to strength. However, the consequences of this level of marketplace growth has fuelled the launch of hundreds of new brands, meaning attracting and retaining new customers is much more difficult. Beauty brands now need to stand out in a much more crowded digital market, one where specialist marketing experience and knowledge will be key. This is what excites the team at Foundation the most. 


Why did you want to become a Patron of the British Beauty Council? 


Continuing on the theme of innovation we know that the British Beauty Council is going to be integral to that moving forward with it being one of their three pillars in 2021.  We want to contribute and support the council in any way we can. The pandemic has changed the way we shop and interact with brands and celebrating all things British is at the heart of what we want to do. More than ever, UK independent beauty brands will need help to out manoeuvre the big boys.


What are you looking forward to, as a company, in 2021?


In 2021 we want to change how brands look at digital marketing. Foundation aims to position itself as the go-to agency when it comes to all things performance marketing, we have the experience, know-how and the desire to take British beauty to the next level digitally.  We are excited to be involved in innovation and education and that’s internally too. We can’t wait to see where this year takes us as we continue to strive to be on the cutting edge of digital in the beauty world. 


Image credit: Foundation


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