Marian Newman shares her ideas for nail professionals during COVID-19

by | Apr 3, 2020

It may feel like ‘armageddon’ is descending fast but it will pass. The UK is a first world country and a relatively clean one at that. Our infrastructure is robust and everyone in power are working very hard to change the situation for the better.

There is plenty of good news too. The worst hit countries to date are now seeing a downturn in the spread of the virus, and an effective vaccine has been developed by several companies. They are expediting the research in order to make it available as fast as possible.

There is a lot we, as individuals, can do to help with lessening the impact so all advice (from the right sources!) should be listened to.

In general, life must go on and, when this is over, we all need to come back with a bang. But this needs planning for.

Some things for the nail professional to consider:

  1. When you shut you will not be able to maintain your clients nails. What will happen? They will pick them off and damage their nails. Or they will leave them on and get lifting which will lead to a pseudomonas infection!!
  2. As a professional please consider your duty of care to your clients. You do not want damaged nails nor infections to occur because you have to shut. Neither do you want them to blame you! I believe it is in the clients best interests to remove all products for them or, at the very least, provide the necessary products and instructions for safe home removal.
  3. Provide your clients with a home care pack with instructions on how to look after their bare nails and keep them healthy until they return to you. This could include a good nail oil, a top coat (for protection), remover, hand cream and written instructions
  4. We all have clients that cannot bare to be without nails! Why not consider providing a way they can continue with beautiful nails with their own bespoke and unique designs? This can so easily be done, by buying a stock of plain press-on nails and a large stock of sticky tabs (all available for little cost on the internet). If you can size their nails and keep a record of these sizes. Then provide a set every two weeks with a good supply of sticky tabs. Explain how to remove them without destroying the nails so they can be reapplied (press down into the nail and pull off. Don’t lift). Do not recommend nail glue, as there will be more problems. Sticky tabs feel a little weird for an hour or so and then they seem to ‘harden’ so the nail doesn’t move about. Remove every two days or so, clean the nail with remover and reapply. Then they receive a new set as something to look forward to! These can be posted or, if that stops and they are local, they could be popped through the letterbox. So much nicer than buying the ‘less than unique’ press-ons from the high street! Plus you can keep up with a small income to help you through! Win win!
  5. If you have a business page have you thought about doing little videos just for your clients? Just a couple of minutes to remind them how to look after their nails. Maybe good polishing techniques or super easy designs. Everyone is going to lose some clients over the shut downs but this is a way of keeping them loyal. They won’t be as good as you so will be appreciative of your care and rush back as soon as they can
  6. Many of us know our clients preferences right? How about supplying a little pack every couple of weeks with a new polish colour to try with a mini oil or similar? It looks like plenty of people will have time on their hands (no pun intended).

Whatever your situation it won’t help to sit and worry or get angry at the politicians. You need to plan ahead and be ready. Keeping contact with your clients in a helpful an imaginative way will create a loyalty and an appreciation of your care.

I think we all need to have a ‘blitz mentality’: stay positive, keep on until you just can’t then keep on some more. The horrible situation will stop and things will get back to normal.  But in the meantime think about this: pollution has decreased drastically with fewer cars, fewer planes and decreased manufacturing. It is giving our planet a little ‘breather’ and a little time to heal.

As a last note, take advice from the people who know and not just friends on Facebook who have found what could be fake news, a bit of hysteria, or poorly researched information.

Good luck, stay safe and be mindful of other people.

Marian Newman x



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