Kate Moss enters wellness space with debut brand Cosmoss

by | Sep 1, 2022

After a week of social media teasing, Kate Moss’ wellbeing brand Cosmoss launches today, 1st September. Here’s everything we know so far

In her three or more than decades of fame, it feels like there isn’t a world Kate Moss hasn’t touched. From iconic front covers, runways, high society – not-so-high-society – Diet Coke and everything in between, Moss is the face of popular culture. Now, her ‘spiritual journey’ has led her to the world of wellness with the launch of Cosmoss, a brand inspired by ‘life’s modern journey’.

It’s not unknown that Moss has been working to improve her personal wellbeing for some time. Her life moved from London to Gloucestershire, parties morphed into yoga, and late nights switched to morning meditation and wild swimming. Victoria Young, expert homeopath has also been key to Moss’ increasing awareness of personal health and she now, fittingly, consults on Cosmoss too.

There are six products in the brands’ initial roll out which are all designed to improve your mind, body and soul. Moss says: ‘Each product has been meticulously crafted with wellbeing in mind; each ritual opens a door to balance, restoration, and love.’

Meticulous is the right word. The range, which is made up of two teas, a moisturiser, cleanser, EDP and an antioxidant oil are all vegan and sustainable while also boasting inkey lists that combine ancient ritual with modern ingredients.

Take Golden Nectar as an example, the oil drops combine pro-collagen, CBD and tears of Chois –  or, mastic – to revive skin, fight inflammation and soothe senses.

The Sacred Mist eau de parfum is founded from a unique mixture of essential oils that is designed to work in harmony with your soul whilst also exuding a ‘Moss aura’ to your surroundings. And, the face cream’s designed to help your skin find balance by busting oxidative stress.

Whilst slowly releasing each product to Instagram, the Cosmoss team have also ensured to communicate the meditative, ritualistic nature of the products by categorising them into ‘the dusk’, ‘the day’ and ‘the dawn’ rituals.

Tapping into the recent revival of ancient beauty practices, Moss and her team have created a brand that speaks to the current consumer whilst also leaving space for her die-hard fans who will undoubtedly revel in the novelty of a ‘new’ Kate Moss.

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