Just Glow become Benefactor of British Beauty Council

by | Jun 16, 2021

The British Beauty Council are pleased to introduce our Members to Just Glow. 

We spoke with Jonny, Co-Founder and CEO of Just Glow, to find out more about the brand and products, what excites them about the British beauty industry, and why they wanted to become a Benefactor of the British Beauty Council.


Who are Just Glow?


Just Glow is a UK based at-home teeth whitening retailer. Composed of a small team of 5 individuals, we are proud to be booming into the cosmetics industry with fresh, innovative ideas using our collective business expertise. 


We are committed to delivering the most effective teeth whitening products on the market, ethically, sustainably and consumer focused. Our products are the best, sensitivity free at-home teeth whitening products about. All products are vegan friendly and cruelty free, and we are driven to develop the sustainability of our products in line with the growth of our brand.



What excites you about the British beauty industry?


We are really excited to be able to introduce new and innovative ideas to a consistently growing industry. There’s a vast mixture of consumers in the UK and a diverse target market to consider. We strive to be able to provide inclusive products that are mindful and accessible all round. Diversity and mental health awareness are prominent issues within the British beauty industry, and these are two areas that we are passionate about and so excited to be a part of. As the British Beauty Council highlighted in their Diversity and Inclusion report in 2020, “It is time for our industry to shift its focus to empowering the consumer, to promoting positive self-image and celebrating all the diverse forms of unique beauty.”


Why did you want to become a Benefactor of the British Beauty Council? 


As a new and upcoming business, we understand the importance of aligning ourselves with like-minded friends in the industry. We envisage our patronage to the British Beauty Council allowing us to live up to our word of doing the best we can. We will remain innovative and proactive in improving our products as well as our values. Being a Benefactor of the British Beauty Council will provide additional resources for us to do just that. We are already super proud to be the first UK teeth whitening company to join and feel that this reflects our commitments to the industry. We are still in the early stages of our journey, and can’t wait to share our success with other members of the British Beauty Council.


If you’d like to pop me an email to say hi my inbox is always open on jonny@justglowwhitening.co.uk – I look forward to hearing from you!


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