Josh Wood Releases Miracle Shot

by | Nov 17, 2020

British Beauty Council Executive Board Member Josh Wood has released his latest innovation for hair.

Josh Wood‘s eponymous brand has launched their latest innovation Miracle Shot. He has made a breakthrough in the at-home colouring process, which will ensure better condition and better colour than ever before.


Why did Josh create Miracle Shot?


Many people worry about the damage colouring their hair can cause, and the best colour results come from hair being in the best possible condition. However, the best conditioning agents cannot be included in colourants as there is a long-term stability issue, which causes clumping and curdling.


Keratin is the main protein of hair; it is made up of chains of amino acids which are linked by sulphur bonds. Hair which is damaged contains many broken bonds, and once these bonds are broken the hair is more susceptible to further breakage. Permanent colour has a high pH of around 10, these high pH conditions enable colour molecules to penetrate most effectively. The hair is then washed after colouring, which reduces the pH and seals the cuticle.  This means that any conditioners applied onto the hair at this point can only do so much, as they stick to the surface of the hair. Josh wanted a product that not only penetrated the hair but got locked in for long lasting results.


Once mixed with Josh’s permanent colour, Miracle Shot is stable for around one hour. Instrumental test results: Hair treated with Josh Wood Colour Miracle System had 62% less breakage, was 2.7 times stronger and had 38% less fade.


Why does Miracle Shot work?


The scientific theory is that applying the conditioning agent when the hair reaches a high pH, via the colour, allows it to penetrate deeper into the hair cortex. When the hair is washed and pH is lowered, these molecules are trapped within the hair surface, which means that not all the conditioning agents leave the hair. A hydrophobic layer forms which helps trap both conditioner and colour, leading to longer lasting colour and better condition. This scientific theory is currently being tested by Princeton University and they will have results back in November.


When Josh first embarked on finding this product he thought it might be a single hero ingredient, but it was actually the magic of formulation, the most underrated of sciences in the beauty industry, that finally delivered his unique new colour care product. Miracle Shot contains a mix of Omega 3 & 6 and Vitamin E which increase elasticity and hydration, giving maximum conditioning. Additionally, including Vitamin B3, which stimulates scalp blood flow, promotes hair growth, and provides additional moisturising.


This is a breakthrough about how colour is used that springs from Josh’s wizardry with colour but also from the nimbleness of an innovative company which is a minnow compared to the hair industry giants.


“It was not as easy as thinking ‘this is what we want to achieve, let’s mix the ingredients that do the things we want’. Just like perfect hair colour, we needed the exact blend of ingredients and that takes years of knowhow to get right. There were times when I thought we’d never be able to do this. I’m thrilled I can give women the best hair colour now through the best hair condition. The home hair colour market has not changed for 40 years, I’m keen to shake it up”, says Josh. Josh Wood Colour Miracle System is £29 and will be available exclusively from

Josh Wood Colour | Step-by-step illustration which shows you how it is mixed with the permanent colour kit and shade shot.


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