New to haircare: Bobbi Brown’s Jones Road

by | Aug 22, 2022

The ‘no-makeup, makeup’ line expands into haircare with the launch of Jones Road Universal Hair Balm 

Back in 2020, we reported that beauty mogul Bobbi Brown had launched the makeup line Jones Road. Two years on, the brand has taken the Gen-Z market by storm thanks to its millennial pink packaging and versatile formulas. 

Earlier today, the brand announced its development into haircare, proving that the pandemic hasn’t halted Jones Road’s growth. 

Whilst some brands struggled to stay afloat – and many still feel the consequences – Bobbi Brown seized an opportunity in a period of uncertainty. Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar last year, Brown re-counts thinking: ‘We don’t even know what next year is going to bring. It could be worse. And you know what, my non-compete’s up.’ 

Brown launched Jones Road just two days after her non-compete agreement with Estee Lauder Companies had ended. The conglomerate acquired Bobbi Brown’s namesake brand in 1995.

Despite working at the forefront of beauty since 1991, Brown has never tried her hand at haircare. To ensure her one product launch covered all the bases, Hervé Claude was drafted in to advise on the Jones Road Universal Hair Balm. 

Launching on this Wednesday, the product fits seamlessly into the five-minute-face routine that consumers gain from the brand’s Miracle Balm, Hippie Stick and Best Pencil products. 

The Universal Hair Balm is a unique blend of plant-derived proteins and amino acids that works on a variety of hair types to reduce fizz and boost shine. 

This venture is also Brown’s first-ever collaboration. On the release, she says: ‘I have been working with Hervé for a long time. Every time we got together he would talk about this hair product that he had an idea for. I would ask him about it and he would always run into a wall, whether it was knowing the best lab to go to or it cost too much money.

‘One day I said to him, ‘OK, we’re going to collaborate and we’re going to do this together.’ He knew exactly which formula he wanted because I do not have the expertise in hair.’

The Universal Hair Balm will exist within an increasingly popular air-dry product sector. Whether it’s JVN Hair’s Complete Air Dry Cream or Hershesons’ Almost Everything Cream, consumers are looking for products that help with styling and the health of their hair simultaneously. In its Future of Haircare report, WGSN notes: ‘Skintellectual consumers are migrating their curiosity into hair care… Heading into 2024, innovation will be rife in the hair care category, with emerging hairtellectual consumers demanding science and evidence.’

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