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by | May 26, 2021

JCDecaux have partnered with British Beauty Council on the launch of the Oh Hello Beauty campaign, which encourages people to return to hair and beauty salons – and help get high street and city centre businesses back on their feet.

The British Beauty Council are pleased to announce their partnership with JCDecaux, in line with the launch of the Oh Hello Beauty campaign. We spoke with JCDecaux’s Lead Business Growth Manager for Collaborations and Acquisitions, Kelly Richards, to find out more about the company, why they partnered with us, and what they’re excited about working with us on.


The British Beauty Council was founded to represent the voices, opinions and needs of the British beauty industry – from hairdressing to cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, therapy and spa; in education and training; and from formulation to manufacture, supply, logistics packaging, design, retail and media. What are you excited about working with us on in the future?


I’m really excited about helping to support the recovery and future growth of businesses of every size within the beauty industry. Now is definitely the right time for beauty brands to communicate with consumers – the appetite is definitely there. In fact, results from JCDecaux’s Sentiment Tracker in March showed that 32% of people want to hear more from personal care brands, an increase of 49% since January.


However, we know that sometimes Out-of-Home advertising can be perceived as inaccessible for smaller businesses – and this absolutely isn’t the case! So I’m looking forward to working with your members to ensure they understand how they can use the medium, and the real business benefits it can deliver, both as a stand-alone advertising channel and as part of a media mix.


As a new partner of the British Beauty Council, we would love to find out more about the work you do as a company: 


JCDecaux is the world’s largest out-of-home advertising company. We’re present in almost 3,700 cities in more than 80 countries across the world. The heart of what we do is using our media channels to link brands and organisations with communities and consumers, and we pride ourselves on providing a brand-safe environment for advertiser messages. Our Out-of-Home and Digital Out-of-home media channels are located at the heart of places people go – high streets, shopping malls, supermarkets, major roads and transport hubs. Out-of-Home and Digital Out-of-Home are both really flexible to help advertisers achieve their goals – we can run mass broadcast messages or target specific audience at particular times and places, depending on an advertiser brief.


The Oh Hello Beauty campaign launched on 17th May with JCDecaux out-of-home advertising and a social media campaign featuring #OhHelloBeauty. Why did you want to partner with the British Beauty Council on this campaign?


Supporting your brilliant campaign was our opportunity to help beauty businesses build back better following the pandemic. We knew that our media channels would amplify your positive #ohhellobeauty message and help it reach a wider audience, inspiring as many people as possible to return to their favourite beauty venues and support the industry overall, so we were really pleased to take part.



The UK beauty industry is worth £30bn to the economy, and employs more than 600,000 people. What areas of the beauty industry excite you most?


As the pandemic progressed, the sales of beauty products actually picked up online – probably helped by all these Teams/Zoom calls highlighting the flaws in our skin! I am excited to see how beauty brands will continue to stand out and entice customers, as we’re seeing fantastic initiatives like online colour matching, and monthly subscription boxes of sample sized products competing with the traditional “try before you buy” model at beauty counters. We’ve got plenty of evidence showing how Digital Out-of-Home media works effectively to drive consumers to explore more about an advertised product online, amplifying the effectiveness of the brand’s online channels, so I think there’s a great opportunity here for the beauty industry to capitalise on this trend.


A recent YouGov survey found that roughly 1 in 20 British men now wear makeup, with 1 in 100 wearing it every day. I am excited to see the growth in men’s make up, and see if any brands will be brave enough to push these campaigns out in the mainstream. It would be nice to see other types of men’s face care being promoted, instead of just shaving products…


Issues like sustainability and social responsibility are very high on the agenda of Gen Z and millennial buyers, so I’m excited to see how the beauty industry responds to issues of climate change, Diversity & Inclusion, and clean ingredients and formulations. JCDecaux’s sustainability commitment to achieve economic growth while respecting people and the environment is at the core of our activities, and we’re members of the Ad Net Zero steering group, so this is something that I’m very interested to see develop.


To find out more about JCDecaux, head to their website here.

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