JCCP releases new guidance on premises standards and good practice for cosmetics procedures

by | Dec 4, 2022

The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) has published updated guidance on premises standards and a new good practice guide for education and training courses for aesthetics procedures

In September, the British Beauty Council supported the JCCP in its publication of a 10-point-plan for the safety of cosmetics patients. This is part of an ongoing collaboration to bring about a safe and equitable licensing scheme for non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Although this year’s enactment of the Health and Social Care Act has been a key turning point in the development of a good practice licensing scheme, the JCCP has published new guidance for practitioners. These resources provide a key touch point for those carrying out procedures from now until the official introduction of licence expectations.

On the new resources, Prof. David Sines CBE, the Executive Chair and Registrar of the JCCP said: ‘We are pleased to announce the publication of the JCCP’s new resources, which are now available on our website. These documents have been produced following stakeholder engagement across the sector and have been supported by the JCCP’s Education and Training Committee and Clinical Advisory Group.

‘The JCCP will continue to work closely with key partner agencies in preparation for the awaited DHSC licence for non-surgical practice in England.’

The updated premises standards are formatted to ensure auditors – and practitioners – can evaluate the safety of their surroundings step by step. Covering all aspects of patient safety – from paperwork to clean and disinfection – the resource sets out key expectations that are thought to be part of the forthcoming licensing.

Education and training resources continue to be a cornerstone of the JCCPs work. On it’s new release, the sector-specific Council says: ‘The new good practice guide in part supports achieving minimum standards in education and training for providers, and furthermore the competence of individuals thereof, and sets out the JCCP’s expectations regarding ethical and accurate advertising of training courses in the sector.’

The updated resource, one of many created in collaboration with the Professional Standards Authority, is nuanced and valuable to all practitioners. It sets out guidelines for promoting aesthetics courses, accreditation, assessment and the nuances of short courses.

Find out more on the JCCP website

Illustration by Hervé Kwimo

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