Instagram Live Morning Rituals with Katie Brindle

by | Mar 1, 2021

Katie Brindle, founder of Hayo’u, will be hosting a week of Live Morning Rituals on our Instagram account (@britishbeautycouncil)!

Join us for a week of Morning Rituals, from 8th to 12th March, with Katie Brindle!




Monday 8th March @ 9.00am – Get your glow, Katie’s iconic morning gua sha ritual.

Tuesday 9th March @ 9.00am – Tapping for energy. Restore flagging energy levels in as little as one minute.

Wednesday 10th March @ 9.00am – Eyes and lips: De-puff eyes, lift brows, plump lips and reduce lines and wrinkles.

Thursday 11th March @ 9.00am – Sculpt & Contour.  Why body contouring is great for getting your self summer ready… How to promote hair growth, smooth skin and body health.

Friday 12th March @ 9.00am – Beauty SOS. How to refresh after a stressful week and lack sleep. Top tips for recharging your mind, body and soul.


Who is Katie Brindle? 


Hayo’u was founded by acclaimed Chinese medicine practitioner and best-selling author Katie Brindle. Katie always dreamt of becoming an opera singer, but a serious car crash spun her life in a different direction. Katie lost her singing voice – but discovered the immense self-healing power of Chinese medicine.


Now with over 20 years working in Chinese medicine, Katie has seen first-hand how this ancient wisdom can help many of our most pervasive modern ailments – from poor skin and bad digestion, to adrenal fatigue, depression and anxiety. Her aim is to show you that we all hold within us the power to treat ourselves better.


It’s Katie’s passion to make self-care simple, affordable and available to everyone. The Hayo’u one-minute rituals are intended as a simple place to start. Thousands of years of Chinese wisdom, distilled into potent self-treatment remedies. Combined with the Hayo’u range of tools, they become incredibly powerful self-treatment techniques to counter-balance the negative impact of modern living and achieve clear results. Bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern living.

Katie is offering our members an amazing 20% off products from Monday 8th March for a week! To access this fantastic discount please visit their website and use code BEAUTY20 at checkout.

Make sure you’re following @britishbeautycouncil on Instagram to be notified when we go Live!

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