19th April 2019


The British Beauty Council commissioned BritainThinks to conduct research to produce an agreed definition of the industry and its constituent parts.   The research comprised a […]
8th October 2018
non animal alternatives

Pursuing non-animal alternatives!

Procter & Gamble have announced that they are ceasing sales of the badger fur shaving brushes from their Art Of Shaving line following a PETA expose […]
3rd September 2018

The British Beauty Council

Four of the top 10 high street start up businesses in the UK are beauty related – barbers shops, nail clinics, beauty salons and hair/beauty salons, […]
6th August 2018
Redken App

Style Station App by Redken

British Beauty Council notes that hairbots, 3D colouration tech & VR are some of the latest ways hair companies are connecting with consumers, & Redken have launched […]
21st July 2018
Entrepreneurialism in the beauty industry

A celebration of entrepreneurialism in the beauty industry

British Beauty Council feels like today is a good one to celebrate the remarkable spirit of entrepreneurialism in our industry. Across the world we’ve seen more […]
15th June 2018
The Cotton Bud Project

The Cotton Bud Project

Spotted in The Telegraph & WWF UK : more cotton buds are thrown away each year in the UK – 13.2 billion – than any other European […]
13th June 2018
Male Makeup : Challenging Traditional Makeup Standards

Male Makeup : Challenging Traditional Beauty Standards by Pretty Analytics

Challenging traditions of masculinity, social and gender norms, male grooming is expanding within beauty. According to a Statista report[1], the male grooming market has increased by […]
30th May 2018
Online Beauty Brands Forecast to Grow 65.9% by 2022

Online Beauty Brands Forecast to Grow 65.9% by 2022

While high street stores remain the primary purchase channel for health and beauty products, Report Linker say spend will continue to grow online in the coming years. Investments […]