Beauty Editor

13th November 2019

4 evolving SEO TRENDS impacting the BEAUTY INDUSTRY

Are your looking to increase the visibility of your website ? If so take a look at the article below from Beauty Matter about SEO trends: […]
13th November 2019


We are pleased to announce our patron Avon’s recent product launch. A game-changing range which celebrates clean beauty without compromise. The new collection is composed of […]
6th November 2019

New BEAUTY outlet opens in LONDON

A pioneering beauty playground has opened in Piccadilly this month: AFTERBeauty is the first beauty experience concept of its kind, combining a new immersive space where […]
6th November 2019

“The NEXT 25 YEARS of beauty” according to Marie Claire

Are you ready for packaging that disappears, hair that doesn’t go grey, and the real fountain of youth? With industry experts as our crystal ball, we […]
6th November 2019

“HARRODS to open ‘H Beauty’ STORE outside of London”

“Harrods’ mission to upgrade the way we shop for beauty knows no bounds. The heritage retailer’s latest plans? To open a new standalone store concept called […]
30th October 2019


A hair salon in London has started offering ‘silent’ haircuts to help promote good mental health, The Independent reports. Brick Lane salon, Not Another Salon, owned […]
30th October 2019

Green Halloween?

Halloween is one of the oldest celebrations in the world, around 2000 years old. Spooky faces, fancy costumes, wild hairstyles and artistic make-up all contribute to […]
30th October 2019


Instagram filters with a ‘plastic surgery effect’ are to be removed from the platform. The removal of the filters – which make users appear as if […]
24th October 2019

Why Personalisation Should Be The Next Big Thing For Beauty Brands & Retailers

Over the last years it has become increasingly clear that beauty consumers and shoppers are looking for a personalised experience when it comes to purchasing their […]