The British Beauty Council has been founded to represent the voices, opinions and needs of the British beauty industry.  We are committed to developing excellence and growth in a sector that is a significant contributor to the British economy. The British Beauty Council represents all areas of the beauty industry – from hairdressing to cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, therapy and spa, in education and training, and from formulation to manufacture, supply, logistics packaging, design, retail and media. We are a not-for-profit, inclusive organisation that works to engage politicians and business leaders about the value of British beauty to the national economy, and its key role in the UK’s creative and cultural character. Our ambition is to ensure that the beauty industry is recognised and valued at all levels of government, through the wider economy and by consumers.

We have identified three pillars through which we will focus our energy and the support so generously provided by organisations, individuals and global influencers from within our sector.

This pillar will promote the British beauty industry as a highly profitable, world-leading business, and champion future-proofing initiatives to ensure its ongoing success in these ways:

  • Building the reputation of the British beauty industry as a positive career choice to key audiences via business anecdotes and creative success stories
  • Fostering relationships with careers journalists to increase the profile of British beauty professions in the media
  • Raising the profile of the British beauty industry with key stakeholders and influencers such as careers advisors, schools, universities, and the government
  • Commissioning and publishing research reports to inform, spark debate, contribute new ideas and highlight the value of the British beauty industry to the UK economy and the local communities in which they operate
  • Engaging consumer interest in the British beauty industry through strategic use of glamorous, successful influencers and entrepreneurs
  • Creating alliances and build links with other high profile and respected organisations in the fashion/creative/visual arts to position the British beauty industry alongside these sectors
  • Organising a series of prestigious, high-profile industry-focused events and competitions
  • Working with relevant stakeholder communities to establish a cohesive vision for the industry’s future, with common goals
This pillar aims to attract the best talent into the industry by giving students a clear understanding of how to study and train for key roles. To ensure the future growth and success of the British beauty industry, the British Beauty Council aims to establish a charitable trust to support initiatives to attract, develop and retain talent by:

  • Informing young people about the breadth of opportunities and careers available in the beauty industry
  • Working with employers to establish workforce development and clear career paths to build and retain talent
  • Encouraging the development of beauty-focused courses in higher and further education
  • Enabling talented individuals to pursue higher education through scholarship programmes funded by the British Beauty Council charitable trust
  • Developing a school-leaver apprenticeship as an alternative pathway into the industry
  • Retaining talent post-education by offering graduate traineeships at leading British beauty companies
This pillar will promote the British beauty industry’s public-facing image and as a world leader in creativity, business and innovation. This will include providing business expertise, advice and support to budding entrepreneurs, and highlighting innovation in technology and industry engagement with digital. We will do this by:

  • Creating talent support pathway aims to engage students, support emerging businesses and both celebrate and champion our global brands
  • Developing an online portal to create open access to business support information and seminars
  • Growing our social media platforms to further engage audiences in new and innovative ways
  • Creating a curated community of professionals and service experts to offer advice across key functional areas including accounting, law, merchandising, manufacturing, e-commerce and finance
  • Creating a mentorship programme featuring established industry entrepreneurs and success stories to deliver practical, bespoke, hands-on support to new entrepreneurs to help them implement processes and values, and ‘bootstrap’ their businesses
  • Informing educators such as heads of courses and tutors about real-time industry developments and challenges, in order to arm them with the knowledge to better prepare their students and graduates for life post-graduation
  • Attracting more investors into the sector, establishing early stage investment vehicles underpinned by philanthropy and to prepare beauty businesses to be investor ready